Outdoor Sports to Enjoy in Pelion Peninsula, Greece

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Pelion, Greece is the perfect escape for anyone who loves nature and outdoor adventure. The beautiful green forests, the historical paths, the breathtaking beaches, and overall variety of landscape will lure you in. Here are some outdoor sports you can enjoy in Pelion.

Go Kayaking

A wonderful and unique way for adventure visitors to explore Pelion is via the sea kayaking experience. Not only will you see Pelion from a different vantage point, kayaking gives you the opportunity to see the coastline, beaches, and areas that are not accessible any other way. A kayaking tour is your best option for getting the most out of this outdoor sport. One of the routes you may take on a sea kayaking tour is a medium difficulty route that leads to a private beach named Banikas. If you want more of a challenge, there is a difficult route that leads to Plaka Beach.

Hike Around Pelion

If you enjoy being in nature and hiking, Pelion is the perfect place for you. There are different routes for all ages and levels of difficulty. You can take guided hiking tours that will take you some of the most beautiful spots in Pelion. One particular route you can experience on a guided hiking tour is a breathtaking route in Chania that leads through a forest of beech and chestnut trees to small waterfalls and little pools of water.

This route is 9 km and takes about 4 hours including short rest breaks. A very easy hike you can do on your own with your family is one that leads from Zagora to Chorefto. This 3km route takes 1.5 hours and is perfect if you’re hiking with children. On this route you will go down the road to Chorefto Beach. Whether you prefer guided hiking tours or hiking on your own, Pelion is a hiker’s paradise.

Experience Canyoning

Pelion is the ideal destination for anyone who enjoys canyoning. Canyoning is travelling through canyons using different techniques including: walking, jumping, swimming, climbing, and rappelling. Treks will take you through gorges, waterfalls, and rock pools. This is the perfect outdoor sport if you are an adrenaline junkie. If you’re not experienced in canyoning, there is a difficulty to suit you.

Some of the canyons of Pelion that you can go canyoning at include: Limniona, Fakistra, Milopotamos, Damouhari, and Platanorema. Tourist canyoning involves an experienced trainer. The goal of this type of canyoning is entertainment. Sports canyoning is the other type of canyoning that involves an experienced team who are experienced in various types of canyons and situations.

Go Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is the perfect outdoor activity for lovers of animals and nature. It’s a unique and fun way to experience Pelion. If you are visiting Magnesia in Pelion, you are in the ideal place for horseback riding. Mount Pelion is known as the home of the mythical Centaurs, so it seems right to enjoy horseback riding here.

While visiting the Pelion Peninsula, you will be amazed at its natural beauty. These outdoor sports are a great way to enjoy it.

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