Museums to Visit in Spetses, Greece

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The Greek island of Spetses is known for the aromas that surround it. These aromas flow from the courtyards and engulf the island and bring these scenes alive. Spetses, Greek is rich in tradition and history. The monuments, the archaeological museums, and even the monasteries will take you back in time. When visiting the island of Spetses, you won’t want to miss exploring these museums and historical houses.

Museum of Spetses

Located at the center of Dapia, the Museum of Spetses is housed in the mansion of Hatzigiannis Mexis. The mansion was built from 1795 – 1798 and belonged to the island’s first governor. The mansion is a traditional villa and piece of architecture that you will surely admire, especially the high ceiling roof. On display in the museum are traditional costumes, weaponry including ammunition and guns, and household items.

Also showcased at the Museum of Spetses are archaeological finds and relics found around the island. These finds include pottery from the Early Helladic period to the 18th century, ceramics that made their way to the island either through trading or travelers, sculptures, tombstones from the Roman period, and more. If you want to step back in time and experience the 4,000 year history of the island, inside a historic house, this is the perfect museum to visit.

Bouboulina Museum

Lascarina Bouboulina is one of few female heroes from the Greek Revolution. Born in 1771, she was a strong and commanding woman. She would lose two of her husbands to pirate attacks and would use her fortune and ships gained from the loss of her second husband in to help fight for independence. Since 1991, her mansion has housed a museum that showcases a large collection of personal objects and household furnishings. The museum also aims to repair and preserve the historical mansion.

You won’t want to miss seeing the wood-carved Florentine ceiling in the main salon of this historical mansion museum. This traditional Spetsiote mansion is located a short distance from the port. The port is also a point of interest as it’s a picturesque area that features classical, neoclassical, and modern buildings. There you will also find seaside restaurants, bars, and cafes.

House of Satirios Anargyros

This neoclassical building was designed by Zizilas built in 1904 above the square of Dapia. Sotirios Anagiros who was one of the greatest benefactors of Spetses, Greece. He helps to the the Posidonion Hotel as well as the Anagryrios and Korgialenios School. The house itself is two stories with a ground floor colonnade and a terrace upstairs. There is a garden on the property and lovely pebbled paths.

Anargyros named the house Niith after the ancient Egyptian goddess. He was heavily influenced by the popularity of Egyptology at the time and this shows in the house. Since 1929, the mansion has been the property of thr Anagryrios and Korgialenios School. Today, the home houses the Cultural Centre of Spetses.

While in Spetses, a beautiful area in Greece, you won’t want to miss out on visiting these museums!

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