Museums to Visit in Thasos, Greece

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The beautiful Greek island of Thasos is filled with things to do. There are beaches to see, sites to explore, and plenty of things to do that will keep everyone in the whole family happy. It is also an island that is rich in history and culture, and these things can be explored in some of the island’s museums. Here’s more information:

Archaeological Museum of Thasos

Located in the village of Limenas in Thasos, the Archaeological Museum was founded in 1943. The museum showcases important archaeological findings from excavation sites around Thasos. Some of the include the ancient theatre and the ancient agora. Items for viewing at the Archaeological Museum of Thasos date from the 7th century BC to the 7th Century AD.

At the entrance of the museum, you will see a 3.5 meter tall statue of Kouros. This is one of the earliest types of Hellenic sculpture. Inside the museum you will see impressive busts. Some of these include the head of Dionysus, the head of Panas, the bust of Pegasus. There are ancient ceramics on exhibition at the Archaeological Museum of Thasos. One stunning piece is a Cycladic dish that depicts the Corinthian hero Vellerofont on tops of flying Pegasus.

Olive Oil Museum

Located near the village of Skala Prinos, the Olive Oil Museum f dedicated to the long tradition of producing virgin olive oil on the island of Thasos. At the museum, you can expect to learn about the modern production process of olive oil as well as how it was done in the past. Exhibit at the Olive Oil Museum include different varieties of olive oils, photographs, methods of olive extractions, and the historical influence of olives in the Greek culture. There are 40 types of local olive trees at the outdoor exhibit of the Olive Oil Museum.

Folklore Museum of Theologos

The Folklore Museum of Theologos is located in the village of Theologos. It is one of three folklore museums that are found on the island of Thasos. The museum is house in the two-storey mansion that was once owned by Hatzigiorgi, a mayor who lead the revolution against the Turkish nation. The museum is designed to showcase a typical Theologian house. Exhibits include traditional clothing, looms, housewares, and tools. In the open-air space of the Folklore Museum of Theologos, you can find tools related to different traditional professions. At the Limenaria Folklore Museum, which is housed in a building of the old community, you can see housewares, more traditional clothing, and tools.

Honey Factory

Located between Skala Rahoni and Skala Prinos, the Honey Factory was established by the Beekeeping Cooperative of Thasos. The factory is the perfect place to visit and learn about how honey is locally produced. Honey is one of the products that the island is well-known for. The quality and the taste of Thasos honey will take your breath away. You are sure to walk away with at least one jar of the delicious honey. If you are visiting Thasos, and the Honey Factory, around the middle of August you will get to experience the annual honey festival that is held on the factory’s premises each year.

Visit these museums when visiting Thasos, Greece so that you can learn a bit of the history and culture of the island.

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