Spend Time at the Nautical Museum in Kefalonia

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The island of Kefalonia is known as being one of the most beautiful islands in all of Greece. It is also filled with cultural wonders, which leaves no shortage of things to do. Sami is the largest and most historical port on the island of Kefalonia. Sami has a rich and interesting naval tradition that should be explored. Here’s what you should know about the Nautical Museum in Kefalonia.

About the Nautical Museum in Kefalonia

The Nautical Museum of Sami in Kefalonia was established by a resident of Sami named Sotiris Marketos who is a sailor’s son who developed a fascination for shipbuilding and the sea. He would go on the serve the Greek shipping industry for over three decades. He was concerned that his naval town didn’t have a nautical museum and decided to create one. The museum is housed in the former primary school of Fiscardo. It was renovated especially for the purpose of becoming the museum.

The creation of the museum was formed with the help of volunteers not just in Greece, but around the world. The Ionian Research Centre also played a role in the forming of the museum. A major goal of the museum is to create a sensitivity and interest of the people toward the nautical environment.

The Nautical Museum of Sami in Kefalonia showcases vessels of traditional Greek shipbuilding that range from 1.20 – 3.15 meters. They are carefully and respectfully built according to shipbuilding specifications. Each details, no matter how small, is given proper attention. The museum also has photographs of Caretta Caretta turtles, whales, monk seals, insects, and plankton. The museum even has a radio station so that they can educate people about environmental issues.

Spend Time at the Nautical Museum in Kefalonia

The Nautical Museum of Sami in Kefalonia is the perfect place to learn about shipbuilding, the different types of vessels, the environment, and creatures of the area. View wooden models of vessels that span the course of 3,500 years. These vessels are made by Sortiris Marketos himself. It is easy to spend hours examining and admiring the vessels and their impressive detail. Visitors with special needs will find the museum accessible and accommodating.

The coastal town of Sami is a beautiful place where the residents are deeply involved in agriculture and fishing. While you are in the are visiting the Nautical Museum, spend time in Sami also. The wide-paved streets, waterfront, and Venetian buildings are charming. You will immediately take note of the rich heritage. In the town of Sami you will have access to cafes, restaurants, and shops, all overlooking the active port.

Getting to the Nautical Museum in Kefalonia

You can get to the island of Kefalonia by plane or ferry. The Nautical Museum of Sami in Kefalonia is on Sami-Argostoli, which is the main road. It can be reached by car or taxi in just three minutes from Sami. If you’re coming from Drogarti Cave, the trip is just four minutes.

The Nautical Museum on the island of Kefalonia is a must-see. You will learn about an important part of the island and its history.

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