Outdoor Sports to Enjoy in Poros, Greece

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Poros, Greece is blessed with natural beauty. The pine trees, mountains, and beaches create a peaceful setting to spend time. If you’re looking for some adventure, the island of Poros has plenty to offer. Outdoor sports offer a unique view of the island from land, from water, and even below sea level. Here are the outdoor sports you can enjoy when visiting Poros, Greece.

Hike Around Poros

There are only a few remaining hiking routes around the island of Poros, but if you enjoy hiking, you do have options. One hike you can choose goes from Poros Town to Vagionia Beach to the Temple of Poseidon back to Poros Town. Of course you can hike the entire way or just choose a portion of it. This route can be considered a sightseeing route as you hit some points of interest.

Vagionia Beach is a secluded beach at the northern side of the island of Poros. Access to the temple ruins is free and is an interesting historical area to explore. If you hike this entire route, it takes 3 – 4 hours. Another possible route to hike is from Poros Town to Agii Anargyri. There are a number of variations of this route, so if you’re staying in Poros and want to explore the area by foot, you can.

Go Diving When Visiting Poros

The coastline of Poros, Greece offers exciting diving opportunities. There is the sunken ancient city at Askeli Beach. The sunken city is visible from the shore, but seeing it up close on a diving trip is even more exciting. The beach itself is lined with restaurants and bars. Another diving spot you won’t want to miss in Poros is the shipwreck of Modi Isle. There is another ancient sunken town found off the coast of Vagionia Beach. Diving enthusiasts enjoy exploring the remnants of this sunken town.

Enjoy Horseback Riding in Poros

Horseback riding is a unique way to explore the island of Poros. Poros offers horseback riding along the seashore and through the evergreen, which will not only be an amazing experience, but allow you to view the island, sea, and surrounding areas from a different perspective. Horseback riding is a wonderful family adventure or a romantic couple’s date. Great respect is given to both the riders and the horses as well as the environment as you enjoy this adventure.

Go Sailing Around Poros

If you prefer to be on the water, sailing is for you. Poros is a sailors dream. The western side of the island won’t disappoint and the southern side is perfect for anchoring. You can also anchor at the Bay of Monastiri, which is ideal if you’re looking for relaxation. It’s not a spot you want to anchor for long though as the bay is deep. Love Bay is a lovely anchorage spot that is surrounded by pine trees and emerald waters.

Poros, Greece is the perfect destination for anyone who loves the outdoors and adventure.

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