Visit the Archaeological Site of Agios Andreas on Sifnos

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When visiting the Greek island of Sifnos, take some time to explore the Archaeological Site of Agios Andreas. Located in Sifnos, Greece, the Archaeological Site of Agios Andreas is one of most important archaeological sites on the island. The site is located at the top of a hill that is found between Vathy and Apollonia.

The Archaeological Site of Agios Andreas is also known as the Mycenaean Citadel of Agios Andreas. The site was awarded the 2010 “excellent example of display and enhancement of archaeological remains” by Europa Nostra. Here’s more information about it:

History of Agios Andreas

The site was first discovered in 1899 by Christos Tsuontas. Excavations of the site began in 1970 by Varvana Philippaki. The excavations would continue until 1980. A Mycenaean town was uncovered and important finds were made that include the Acropolis found at the top of the hill. The Acropolis is called Saint Andrew Castle. A wall was exposed during excavations.

The wall was strengthened with eight rectangular towers. A wall and large tower were also found and thought to have been added to the Acropolis later. Two gateways were found that were opened in the 8th century BC. Another five buildings were found in ruins. One, at least, is known to be from the Mycenaean Era. These buildings are thought to have been residences.

The town is thought to have been built during the 13th century BC and may have been inhabited for 100 years before being abandoned. The town was occupied once again during the Geometric Era during the last half of the 8th centurt BC. Those who inhabited the town at this time made more developments to the town. In the 4th century BC, the town was abandoned again. During excavations, pottery and vessels from various eras were discovered.

Visit Agios Andreas and Nearby Sites

Aside from the Archaeological Site of Agios Andreas, you can also visit the museum that is located at the entrance of the site. The museum showcases findings from the excavations. The small museum is housed in a modern building and opened in 2010. Some of the items you will see are a Mycenaean hydria from around 1200 BC, stone seal-pendants from 800 – 600 BC, and a late Geometric monochrome skyphos (wine cup) from 750 – 700 BC.

The Archaeological Site of Agios Andreas is found between Vathy and Apollonia on the island of Sifnos. There are a couple of ways to reach the Archaeological Site of Agios Andreas. The easiest and most convenient way is by taking a car as a road that leads right to the entrance of the site has been constructed. The second way to get to the archaeological site is a little more difficult. You can follow a stone path. This is a hike that take about 25 minutes along a narrow winding path leading to the top of the hill.

Visiting the Archaeological Site of Agios Andreas is absolutely worth it.. The site is open every day except Tuesdays and holidays.

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