Top Restaurants to Eat at in Sidari Corfu

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There’s no doubt that Corfu is an enchanting island. The fact that it was mentioned in the myths of Odysseus, a hero of Greek mythology, only seems to add to its charm. While here, visitors are enchanted by the scenery, and they certainly enjoy spending time at the beaches and resorts. Guests also enjoy the cuisine in Sidari and on the island as a whole! In fact, many people often remark that the food was one of the highlights after they’re finished with their trip! Here’s a list of some of the best restaurants to eat at while visiting this part of Corfu:

Kelly’s Ice House

Although ice cream isn’t necessarily associated with Greece, it is very much a part of the culinary offerings. If you happen to be spending a warm day walking around Sidari or are sitting at the beach, a stop into Kelly’s Ice House will certainly bring refreshment! Guests rave about the selection and quality of ice creams. They also offer other foods, such as pancakes, to enjoy. You might want to eat your food sitting on one of the tables outside so you can fully enjoy the beautiful weather!

Orchard Restaurant

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial than ice cream, the Orchard Restaurant is the place to be! Named after the beautiful garden located outside the restaurant, this establishment is a favorite of visitors and locals alike. The traditional food listed here offers a great way for people to experience the cuisine of this part of Corfu. Offerings such as meatballs, traditional Greek salad, and other foods are fresh and tasty, and the service is impeccable.


Aquarius is another great restaurant in Sidari that offers traditional foods. A true Greek taverna, the food here is comforting and typical of the cuisine in Greece. Guests love to sample favorites such as stifado, a flavorful stew made from meats such as lamb. Foods such as pizza and garlic bread are also on the menu. Try to sit outside if possible. This restaurant has a lovely view of the Canal d’Amour.

Konaki Greek Taverna

Another great taverna to visit is Konaki Greek Taverna, which offers a traditional experience. Here, the restaurant serves up some of the freshest favorites, such as Greek salads, fresh seafood, and other choices. The food is served family style and is brought out in portions meant for sharing with others at the table. This is also another spot that has a great view of the Canal d’Amour so you can enjoy the scenery while you eat.

Eviva Cafe Bar

There’s more to the cuisine of Sidari than its tavernas! For a change of pace from that scene, consider visiting the Eviva Cafe Bar. This is not only a great place to eat, but to enjoy a drink or two. You can easily find typical favorites such as Greek village salad. It’s also a great place to enjoy a coffee or a cup of tea!

While visiting Sidari, you certainly can’t go wrong by visiting one of these restaurants. They offer some of th eost delicious food that can be found in the area!

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