Visit the Nautical Museum on Andros Island

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The island of Andros sits on the gorgeous Aegean Sea, beckoning people to visit. Because of its location, there is a nautical history associated with this island. The Nautical Museum on Andros, which is housed in a gorgeous mansion, celebrates this history. The surrounding area of the museum is the optimal place to take in the striking seaside and neoclassical mansions that can be seen all across the island. Here’s more information about this place:

About the Nautical Museum on Andros

The Nautical Museum opened in 1972 with the purpose of preserving important artifacts in relation to Andros’ naval history. Over its long and complex timeline, inhabitants of Andros often worked as seamen, fisherman and sea traders. The history of Andros dates back to Classical times, with its residents experiencing rulings under many different countries and various leaders.

In the 11th and 12th centuries, Andros became well-known for its sea trade and experienced quick and successful growth. From that time on until modern day, the island faced both numerous challenges and successes in both its sea trade and society overall. Fortunately, many imperative artifacts relating to the island’s history were saved and can be found at the Nautical Museum.

What to Do at the Nautical Museum on Andros

The museum itself consists of two rooms that are stockpiled with a variety of objects. These range from models of old and new ship vessels, naval diaries, naval costumes, and shipping documents, among other artifacts. The museum provides an explanation of the importance of the objects, and provides insight into the history of the surrounding area. Right outside the museum is the famed statue of the ‘Unknown Soldier,’ which serves as a homage to all of the soldiers who lost their lives at sea. Additionally, with the proximity of the museum to the Aegean Sea, the area is perfect for a photo-op!

Getting to the Nautical Museum on Andros

Andros is accessible via ferry, with the closest port being the port of Rafina in nearby Attica. The Rafina port is also just a short thirty minute bus trip from the Athens International Airport. Ferry trips from Rafina take about 2 hours in total and arrive at Gavrio Port in Andros. Once on the island, there are a few different options for getting to the museum. The bus service on the island, KTEL Andros, connects visitors from Gavrio port to other cities on the island, including where the museum is located in Chora. Additionally, there are taxis and cars and motorbikes for hire in the port area.

The Nautical Museum on Andros is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about the island’s rich history, and a great place to get a beautiful view of the stunning sea. Just a two hour ferry ride from Attica and reachable by the bus system of the island, it’s easily accessible and a great way to keep the island’s naval spirit alive and well. You won’t want to miss the chance to visit this place!

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