Things for Families to Do in Halki, Greece

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The Greek island of Halki is charming, colorful, and so much waiting to be discovered. Traveling to this tiny island has more to offer a family than you might initially expect. Between the natural beauty, the good food, and the history, you will find yourself completely immersed in the local lifestyle. Here’s what families can expect to do when visiting Halki, Greece.

Taste the Local Cuisine

Everyone loves food and trying new dishes is one of the most exciting things about visiting a new places. When spending time in Halki, Greece, you and you family will enjoy trying the local specialties that include a local spaghetti, fresh donuts, and lamb stuffed with rice and liver. You will find coffee shops, bakeries, and ice cream shops all over the island so you can grab a snack while sightseeing.

On the island of Halki, you will find dishes to suit your taste whether you are looking for traditional Greek food or seafood. Try ordering a selection of mezethes (small dishes) to allow your children to taste a variety of foods and see what they like. If you’re going to enjoy a date night without the kids, you will find spots to enjoy cocktails and other drinks around Halki.

Take a Boat Trip

A boat tour can be a wonderful way to experience Halki and the surrounding areas. A boat trip to the island of Alimia can be a great experience for the entire family. The island isn’t inhabited anymore, but there are remains of a medieval castle that will fascinate everyone. You can also explore the village that was abandoned during the 1940s. You can catch a boat to Alimia from the harbor of Niborio.

The island of Tilos is also a great destination for the family to take. A boat trip to Tilos will allow you to see medieval churches, beautiful churches, and wonderful natural beauty that includes caves, beaches, and natural springs. The capital of the island of Tilos is charming. You will find romance, good food, and plenty of history. A boat trip is ideal for a family who enjoys being on the water and day trips.

Spend Time at the Beach

It goes without saying that Greece has some of the greatest beaches. Spending a day at the beach is a popular family activity and it’s no different it Halki, Greece. Lounge on the beach under the warmth of the sun while the kids splash around in the water. Snorkeling and paddling are the only water sports you can indulge in on the island of Halki. A couple of the beaches that are perfect for families on the island of Halki include: Potamos, which is just 500 meters from the capital village and party organized and Kania Beach, which is 1 km east of Nimborio, partly organized, and tranquil.

Spend time on the small island of Halki, Greece with your family. The natural beauty, food, and history will keep you happy during your stay.

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