Plaka Beach – The Most Popular Beach on Naxos

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Naxos old town sunset, Greece.Plaka Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the Greek island of Naxos. It is especially popular during the peak tourist season, which means that if you want to avoid the crowds you should go off peak months like May, September, and October. The weather is still great those months but the crowds are a lot less. Here’s an overview of what to do while at Plaka Beach:

What to Do at Plaka Beach

This is an ideal beach not only for sunbathing, but also for outdoor activities. Consider walking on the beach, hiking through the nearby countryside, riding your bike along the street near the beach, windsurfing, going horseback riding, going sailing, and enjoying other outdoor activities. If yu decide you want to go scuba diving or snorkeling, consider hiring a guide to take you to all the best spots.

Plaka Beach also has some great shops, many of which are located on the coast. This is the ideal place to shop for souvenirs! Consider shopping for fine jewelry, local folk crafts, and other souvenirs while you shop. Once you’re done shopping, don’t forget to grab a bit to eat at one of the restaurants!

There are also plenty of nearby historical sites to enjoy, so if you need a break from the beach, this is the perfect time to visit them. Consider visiting the Sanctuary of Dionysus in Iria, the Four Successive Temples, and also the Castle at Naxos. 

Enjoy the Night Life

When the sun finally goes down, it’s time to experience Plaka beach’s nightlife which pieces together aspects of cosmopolitan lifestyle with instances of relaxation and tranquility. A walk down the beach where musical choices and cafeterias of diverse ranges are available will be fulfilling. You will hear all kinds of music such as soul, jazz, blues and artistic Greek music coupled with the panoramic view of the sea is just mind bending. Walk the beach to experience some of the bigger clubs, where you’ll be able to dance until the early morning. 

Places to Eat Near Plaka Beach

There are a lot of restaurants, cafes, and tavernas near Plaka Beach. They offer a range of cuisines such as local Greek cuisine, French food, Italian food, and even breakfast choices! Golden Beach is said to have an excellent breakfast, La Vigne is known for its French cuisine and wine,  and there are even Italian choices. You also won’t want to miss the traditional Greek restaurants, such as Platanos, To Spitiko Galactoboureko and Lefteris Taverna.

Hotels Near Plaka Beach

Of course, if you know that you want to spend a lot of time at this beach, you should consider staying at a nearby hotel or resort. There are several good ones in the area include the Blue Harmony Apartments, which is excellent for those who enjoy extended stays, the Hotel Orkos Beach, Iria Beach Art Hotel, Annita’s Village Hotel, and Naxos Imperial. These are all close enough to the beach so that you can spend plenty of time here!

As you can see, Plaka Beach is certainly worth a visit. It is not only gorgeous, but there are plenty of things to do here!

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