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It’s not just travel that’s hard these days. In the age of climate change, places previously thought to have little in the way of natural scenic beauty are proving themselves to be some of the most beautiful in the world. Greece is one such country, and Kalymnos is its crown jewel. Though it’s a small island with a high population density, Kalymnos still boasts its rocky cliffs, covered in lush greenery. It’s not hard to believe that this picturesque place will be known as a natural wonder one day. At the moment, however, Kalymnos is also widely known for its climbing industry.

About Kalymnos Island

Equatorial Greece is a small island just north of the Greek mainland. It is just over 70 square kilometers (26 square miles) and has a population of about 25,000. Kalymnos fluctuates between arid and semi-arid summers and mild winters, which are cooler than further south on the Greek mainland but not so cold as Ithaca. The island is popular with climbers due to the rock formations on all sides of the island. Its unique position between the Mediterranean and the Adriatic means a more varied climate than many other places on the mainland.

Kalymnos is 2 hours from Rhodes city and 5 – 6 hours from Athens by car. The best airport is on Rhodes, but daily ferry boats regularly leave for Kalymnos departing from Piraeus (Athens).

Climbing in Kalymnos

The rock climbing in Kalymnos consists mainly of limestone cliffs that many consider being some of the best in Europe. Although the climbing is great, many other activities at the Kalymnos climbing sites, such as kayaking, exploration, trekking, and snorkeling.

Kalymnos is an island with everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s a great place to set up a base camp to explore the surrounding islands, practice some of the world’s best climbing and hiking, or just relax on the beach. There are so many options for exploration here that if you’re traveling with a small group, there’s no reason why Kalymnos couldn’t be your home for a few days.

What Else to Do on Kalymnos

If you’re into watersports, there are plenty of places to choose from. If you want to become a scuba master, then Kalymnos is your place. Many driving schools can offer lessons for beginners, and the island runs a yearly diving competition between its various schools. The waters off the coast are teeming with fish, and if you’re into cliff jumping or even cliff diving, then Kalymnos is one of your best bets. You’ll find many great beaches close to the climbing and the hiking areas. If you’re not that keen on the sun, you can always try to hunt down one of the various bars on Kalymnos Island or cool off in one of its many natural swimming pools.

As with any beach town, there are a few spots where you can get some good food, although there are also quite a few new spots that have opened up in recent years. If you’re up for sampling some of the unique dishes on offer, you’ll never go hungry. Kalymnos is known throughout Greece as one of the best places to get seafood, and if you are willing to try some of its more bizarre meals, like boiled octopus or grilled sea urchins, this island is worth a visit. The star attractions are, without a doubt, Kalymnos’s tavernas. Stalactites hang from its ceiling, and traditional Greek music plays in the background.

Kalymnos is a great place for couples, solo travelers, families, and groups alike. There are plenty of things to keep everybody happy, and as it has a relatively small tourist season (running from April to October), it won’t get too crowded. If you’re looking for a fun place that ticks all the boxes without too much fuss, Kalymnos is the place for you.

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