What to Do in Karpathos, Greece

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The Greek island of Karpathos has a lot to offer. The natural beauty consists of large mountains. A long shoreline, pine trees, and coves, all surrounded by the emerald and azure waters of the Aegean Sea. Karpathos, Greece is also rich in history with its archaeological sites, monasteries, and monuments. When visiting the island of Karpathos, here’s what you can do.

Visit a Museum

The island of Karpathos showcases its history in a number of museums. The Folklore Museum of Othos is in the village of Othos. The museum is a representation of a traditional house of Karpathos, so you can experience how one would have lived on the island just a few decades ago. Inside the home you will see furniture, items of everyday use, traditional clothing, old photographs, and musical instruments.

The Archaeological Museum of Karpathos is located in Pigdia. Items exhibited at this museum include stone seals, gold coins, utensils, vases, bronze bracelets, and more that have been found at the archaeological sites of Karpathos. At the Agricultural Museum of Pyles you can view stone tables, a threshing floor, a wine-press, and a windmill.

Enjoy the Local Culture of Karpathos

Karpathos Island has local specialties that include makarounes, a homemade pasta; kolokithopoulis, a dish made with zucchini flowers; ofto, stuffed lamb with rice, chicken liver and herbs; gra, a vegetable pie; mizithropites, a pie made with local cheeses; and sisameli, a dessert made of sesame and honey. When visiting the island of Karpathos, you must try a few of the local specialties. The island is also known for its sweet red wine that is produced in Othos. Greek cuisine, Italian cuisine, seafood, cocktails and other alcoholic drinks, and coffee can all be found in abundance around the island of Karpathos, Greece.

Relax on the Beach

It’s impossible to miss the beautiful beaches of Karpathos, Greece. Some of the beaches are sandy while other are pebbled, some are organized and some are not, but they are all amazing places to visit when you’re on the island. Kyra Panagia is one of the most impressive beaches in Karpathos. It is located 14 km north of Pigadia and close to Achata. Kyra Panagia is family friendly and offers a great swimming experience. Apella Beach is another lovely beach in Karpathos. It is a family friendly and organized beach 18 km north of Pigadia. This picturesque beach is actually a cove with lush greenery surrounding it. Other beaches in Karpathos, Greece include: Achata, Votsalakia, Diakoftis, Finiki, and Vrontis.

Visit a Monument

Karpathos, Greece is home to impressive monuments that you’ll want to see. The Monument of Women is a sculpture of an old woman who is dressed in traditional clothing. This tribute to migrants of Karpathos and the contribution made by women is located in Olymbos. The Windmills of Olymbos are important landmarks of Karpathos. They are located above the village of Olymbos. Though not in operation today, in the past they were were operated by strong winds.

When visiting Karpathos, you will find plenty to see and do.

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