Shopping in Evia, Greece

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Evia, or Euboea, is the second-largest Greek island. It is separated from the mainland by a narrow strait. Evia is close to Athens, but still remains a lesser-known island. Getting to Evia can be done via ferry, car, or bus. There are two bridges that connect the island of Evia to the mainland, so this option is the most convenient.

The island of Evia, Greece has a varied landscape. There are mountains, beaches, rivers, streams, forests, and large towns. You won’t find a shortage of shopping to be done on the island of Evia.

Purchase Local Products

If you’re going to be shopping in Evia, Greece, it’s good know the local products. There is a traditional Christmas treat called Kourabiedes and Evia is the only place where you can find it any time of year. They are made with flour, almonds, butter, and powdered sugar and go perfectly with coffee. Loukoumades are donuts that Evia is well-known for. These donuts come in different flavors including: hazelnut, honey and walnut, and chocolate praline. Evia is also known for its honey, which also comes in a several flavours such as plum honey and thyme honey.

Shop for Clothing and Shoes

Around the island of Evia you will find clothing and footwear stores. Whether you want a new outfit for an evening out or one to take home to remember your trip by, there are clothing stores catering to different styles and needs. Shoes are also widely available, so if you need a fancy pair or something to hike around the island in, you’ll find it. You’ll also find accessories while doing your clothes and footwear shopping.

Shop for Jewelry

Evia, Greece is home to a number of jewelry shops. Some designs you will find originated in ancient Greece. Others are designed local modern designers. Handmade jewelry is something you might consider taking back home as a souvenir or as a gift. Jewelry ranges in size from large to small, simple to extravagant. There are even shops that offer tradition jewelry from all over Greece, which is an impressive site. Even if you’re not in the market for new jewelry, window shopping and seeing the beautiful creations will be worth your time. You may even decide on a small piece such as a ring or earrings.

Buy Souvenirs to Take Home

You’ll probably want to take home a little souvenir or two to remember your trip to the island of Evia by. Souvenirs also make great gifts for friends and loved ones back home. Souvenirs include items such as postcards, handicrafts, key chains, fridge magnets, t-shirts, worry beads, and ouzo. Other souvenir ideas include handmade ceramics and artwork, though getting them back home may be more difficult. There are a number of souvenir shops on the island of Evia and because it’s a well-organized destination, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one.

When visiting Evia, Greece you will have a lot to explore. From the archaeological sites and museums to the natural beauty, you will be captivated. The shopping experience

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