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If you are looking to go to one of the most scenic places in Greece, consider Simos Beach. It is a beautiful area that offers many opportunities to soak up the sun and enjoy the day. Visitors can enjoy the water, take a nap in the sun, go for a walk, and much more. Here’s more information about visiting Simos Beach, which is located in the Peloponnese:

About Simos Beach

Simos Beach is incredibly popular and it is considered to be one of the top Greek beaches. Consisting of the Magalos Simos and Mikros beaches, Simos is a spread out area. Magalos Simos is a long beach in Elafonissos, so it is ideal for beach walking. The two are divided by white sand, and each features waters that are a gorgeous turquoise blue.

Both beaches are ideal for swimming, and Simos is popular with windsurfers as well. Beach-goers tend to flock here since it is easy to get to via car. There are also numerous amenities, including sun beds, towels, umbrellas, bars and taverns nearby. If you want to visit and experience the crowds, go during the high season, but the low season brings some much-needed quiet to the area. Some pluses of Simos Beach are that there is fine sand, lifeguards are on duty during the summer, beach services and bars are convenient, plus, it is family friendly. Children are welcome, and shallow waters means that people of all ages can enjoy a day at the beach.

Why Visit Simos Beach

Travelers love Simos Beach so much that it is ranked as the #1 attraction in Elafonissos on TripAdvisor. In reviews, past visitors remarked how clear the water is, how it is easy and inexpensive to get there by ferry or car and how the waters are so shallow that people can walk out a fair ways and still touch the ground. They also noted how it was nice to have a choice of two beaches, that the beach and swimming areas are contained, that umbrellas can be rented and how it is the perfect area to either buy lunch or bring a picnic to nosh on while taking in the stellar surroundings. But do not just take their word for it, go see for yourself!

Nearby Attractions

The location of Simos Beach is convenient to see even more of Greece. Just within ten miles, the Kastania Cave and the Petrified Forest beckon to nature lovers. See ancient fossils, shells, land formations and natural wonders from a time gone by. Those more interested in culture may want to check out the Agios Spyridon Church or the Laografiki Ekthesh Belanidion, an old primary school.

After all of that adventuring, stop for some food. Trakena offers up traditional, fast Greek cuisine: souvlaki, gyros and fries in an outdoor setting. If retro is more your style, Neraida serves up classic Greek cheese pies, dough-filled tarts, ice cream, tiramisu, seafood, salads and rice pudding in a friendly and cozy setting.

On your next trip to Greece, consider stopping by Simos Beach. It is absolutely worth a visit!

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