Visit Spianada Square on Corfu Greek Island

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Corfu is a physically beautiful island that has a lot of options for people. Not only are there beaches, but the island is also historical. Corfu Town in particular is known for its cobblestone streets and Venetian architecture that is often pastel-colored. The town is home to the Old Fortress, built in the 15th century, and the New Fortress. Historic Corfu Town is located halfway down the east coast of the island. The charming town of Corfu has much to see, but one thing you won’t to miss is Spianada Square.

About Spianada Square

Said to be the largest square in the Balkans, Spianada Square is a significant monument of Corfu Town. Spianada Square is the perfect place to relax. The trees provide natural shade on warm and sunny days. The public square is located between the Old Town and the Old Fortress. The name Spianada comes from the Italian word “spianare,” which means “to flatten.” The area of the square used to be a fortification between the castle and the city.

There was no development allowed on the area so that it could be used for military activities. In 1628, the square came together as a place of social activity. The cricket court, as the large open area of the square is called, occupies a good section of the square. During the British Domination, cricket was a loved game by the inhabitants of the city.

What to Do at Spianada Square

If you get to Spianada Square by car, you’re in luck as there is convenient parking. The first thing you’ll probably want to do is take some pictures with your loved ones or friends. You’ll find many photo opportunities as you stroll the square. Take a moment to see Durrell’s Monument. This monument is to honor Gerald and Lawrence Durrell, an author and zoologist, who spent their early years on the island of Corfu. The Maitland Monument, also known as the Maitland Rotunda, is a neoclassical monument at the end of Spianada Square.

The Maitland Monument was built in 1821 to honor Sir Thomas Maitland who was a military officer. He was the last Civil Commissioner and first Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands. This monument was built on top of a Venetian-era underground water cistern. You are going to see a number of statues as you explore the square. In front of the bridge, there are two great statues: the Schulenburg and Guilford statues. There is also a bronze statue of Lord Frederick Adam around George Palace and St. Michael.

Visit Nearby Liston Promenade

When you’re in the area visiting Spianada Square, you should be sure to see the Liston Promenade. Under French rule in 1807, the Liston was constructed with archways and hanging lanterns. The Liston was designed by French Engineer Lesseps who created it to be a miniature of the Rue de Rivoli in Paris. The Liston is the perfect place to people watch, grab coffee or a meal, and do some shopping.

While visiting the island of Corfu, you won’t want to miss seeing the historic, and very large, Spianada Square.

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