Best Places to Watch the Sunset on Santorini

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Santorini SunsetSantorini is one of those islands that captivates you from the moment you arrive. It’s a striking island because the majority of it is built up on the rim of the ancient volcano. The rest of the island collapsed into the sea the last time the volcano erupted, and this only adds to the lore. Some believe that the collapsed portion of this island is the Lost City of Atlantis! Whether or not that is true it doesn’t matter, this island is stunningly beautiful and even the tourist crowds can’t diminish your enjoyment.

One of the top things to do while here is enjoy the sunset, but some spots are better than others. No matter how long you stay, you should try to choose at least one of these place. Here are some of the best places on Santorini to watch the sunset:


Of all the villages and cities on the island, Oia has some of the best views of the caldera at sunset. Leading up to the event, people will be gathering at certain spots. Those who want to paint the iconic scene set up their easels several hours before in the hopes that they will perfectly capture it once it’s happening. Photographers set up their tripods well in advance, also, so that a simple bump of the hand won’t impact the classic shots. Once you arrive in the village, ask the people for advice as to where the best place is. They will certainly point you in the right direction!

Fira-Oia Hiking Trail

Another great place to watch the sunset is from the Fira-Oia hiking trail. Although most people time this walk to get the to Oia in time for the big moment, there are some great views from the trail itself. However, the sunset views do get better the closer you get to Oia so it’s a good idea to choose your sunset spot wisely.

Skaros Rock

Another amazing spot to watch the sunset is at Skaros Rock in the village of Imerovigli. In fact, there are great views all over the old Venetian fortress! If you do take pictures, make sure you don’t miss snapping a few of the fortress ruins – they look absolutely stunning as the light changes.


Many people ignore Fira during the sunset and head towards Oia. However, they’re missing out on how beautiful Fira can be! The best place to watch the sunset in this larger city is at the large Orthodox Church that overlooks the caldera.

Sunset Cruise

If you want to do something different during sunset, consider taking a sunset cruise! As you spend time in the coastal areas, you’ll inevitably find people advertising these cruises. Ask around for the most reputable companies and be sure to book your spot on the cruise well in advance.

No matter where you decide to watch it, you’ll be treated to one of the most stunning sunsets in the world! Be sure to have your camera ready so that you can capture the moment. Whether you have only one night on the island or several doesn’t matter. Each time you’re able to gaze at the sunset will be just as memorable as the last!

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