What to Do in Donoussa, Greece

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Donoussa is a Greek island that is part of the Cyclades group. Donoussa is a peaceful destination with its beautiful azure and emerald waters that meet the sandy beaches. Churches and old farmhouses dot the inland areas of Donoussa. The island might be small, but it has enough to make a visit worthwhile. Here’s what you can do when in Donoussa, Greece.

Try the Local Products of Donoussa

The most well-known product of Donoussa, Greece is a hard cheese called axialomizithra that is made with yogurt. The island of Donoussa’s economy is mainly based on cattle breeding and agriculture. The products produced in Donoussa are high in quality and strong in flavor. Traditional dishes of the island of Donoussa include braised meat with potatoes called patatato and pork meat that is fried in fat known as kavourmas. Also popular on the island is rakomelo, which is raki mixed with honey.

Visit the Caves of Donoussa

The small, remote island of Donoussa is home to two isolated caves that can be reached by boat excursion. The Cave of Fokospilia is located on the eastern side of Donoussa Island. Fokospilia means “cave of the seals” in Greek and comes from the area is where seals used to live. The crystal clear water at the Cave of Fokospilia will leave you mesmerized. The other cave is called the Cave of the Wall and is located on the northwestern side of the island of Donoussa. This cave is located between two capes, Xilobatis and Aspros Kavos. This cave features stalagmites and stalactites. If enjoy boat trips and exploring areas that not everyone gets to see, visiting the caves of Donoussa should be on your list.

Visit a Church

On the island of Donoussa, there are a few churches that are well worth your time to visit. The Church of the Holy Cross is found in the town of Donoussa. The church was built in 1902 and is the protector of the island. The Church of the Holy Cross is built in the traditional Cycladic architecture and colors of white and blue. There is a bell tower with three bells next to the dome of the church. There was a previous Church of the Holy Cross that was built near a stream and was swept away during heavy rains in the 19th century. A couple of the other churches on the island of Donoussa is the Church of Agia Sofia and the Church of Virgin Mary. The Church of Virgin Mary was built on a hill that overlooks Donoussa Village. It was built in 1892 offers a wonderful panoramic view of the island.

Spend Time at the Bay of Kedros

You won’t be disappointed with the Bay of Kedros in Donoussa. This is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Whether you want to relax under the sun or have an adventure, this is the perfect place. Diving is popular here. The shipwreck of the German warship called Orion that was sunk in the area during World War II.

While in Danoussa, Greece, you should consider visiting some of these attractions.

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