What to Do in Serifos, Greece

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The Greek island of Serifos is relaxing and charming. It may not be the most visiting of the Greek islands in the Cyclades, but that doesn’t make it any less charming. This is a great place to experience Greek island culture at its finest without the stifling crowds of some of the other places in Greece. When visiting Serifos, here are some of the things you can expect to do:

Enjoy the Local Specialties

The island of Serifos produces many foods and drink that include: sun-dried tomatoes, mullet, squid, swordfish, honey, almonds, Mizithra cheese, and wine. Souma is a type of Raki that is produced on Serifos Island. Local specialties include fave, a yellow bean puree that is often served at festivals; loutza, a sun-baked ham; amygdalota, which are almond macaroons; pasteli, which is made of sesame and honey; and revithada, a chickpea stew.

Explore Chora

Chora is the main town of the island of Serifos. The whitewashed village is on the side of a rocky mountainside located behind the main harbor. As you walk the stone paths and cobbled steps of Chora, you will be treated to a breathtaking view of the surrounding areas. Chora is made up of an upper part and a lower part. You won’t need a map while exploring this charming town though.

Be sure to stop and see the remains of the fortified stone walls that were built to protect the residents from pirate attacks during Venetian times. As you explore Chora, you will come across bakeries, small squares, little shops, and Greek Orthodox churches. You can enjoy a quiet night under the stars by spending time at Pano Piatsa Square. You can sit at a table sipping on a glass of wine or head to a rooftop bar.

Visit the Cape of the Cyclops

Offering a wonderful panoramic view of the southwestern side of the island of Serifos, the Cape of the Cyclops is a must-see. Here you will find the Cyclops Throne or “Psaropyrgos” as the locals call it. Sit on this giant armchair shaped formation made from giant rocks. It is thought that it was built during the late 4th century BC or possibly during the Hellenistic period.

You will see signposts leading you to the Cave of the Cyclops. You can see the entrance to what is thought to be a cave, but this hasn’t been confirmed. The area of the Cape of the Cyclopes has not been excavated, but it is an interesting site to see. The view itself is worth going for.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

The beautiful island of Serifos, Greece offers many opportunities to enjoy the landscape and nature. Serifos, Greece is home to diving centers if you are looking for an underwater adventure. Diving sites available for exploration include the Shipwreck in Kutala, the reef of Sikamia, and the reef of Distomo. Snorkeling is also available if scuba diving isn’t for you.

You can explore the beauty that lies beneath the water no matter your level of experience. Hiking trails around the island vary. Some are smooth and clear while others are unclear and steep. Many of the hiking trails around Serifos pass by ravines and green fields. Hikes will lead you by villages, abandoned settlements, and small churches. Hiking is a fun and unique way to see the sites of the island.

Serifos may be a bit off the beaten track, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trek here! You can experience all the beauty of a Greek island located in the Cyclades without the stifling tourist crowds.

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