What to Do When You Visit the Island of Tinos

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Tinos city and harbor in Cyclades against a blue sky, GreeceAlthough the island of Tinos is known the most as a pilgrimage site for Greek Orthodox Christians who want to visit the Church of Panagia Evangelistria that is located in the port town of Hora, that’s certainly not all there is to do here. The church may have gotten people here, but once they arrive they are usually pleasantly surprised. After you’re done exploring the church and the port, you should give yourself plenty of time to take in the rest of the island. When you do, you will find that Tino is a picturesque island that is just waiting to be explored. Here are some things that you should do while here:

Eat the Local Cuisine

Like many Greek islands, Tinos has a cuisine all its own. Many of the dishes here do have their own unique flavor. However, the locals put their own spin on it. The standout ingredients in the food are the wild artichokes, handmade sausages made with fresh ingredients, and garden-ripe tomatoes. Since it is an island, it is particularly known for its seafood. There is also a delicious specialty called Marathokefedes, which is made from locally grown fennel. Ask at your hotel for advice on where to find the best restaurants. The Cyclades Microbrewery is also located here and although beer isn’t native to Greece, it has become a big part of the culture in recent years.

Visit One of the Beaches

The beaches on Tinos are amongst the best in Greece. They are most known for their soft sand, warm waters, and great scenery. Some of the beaches do have a combination of sandy and pebbled spots, however. If you get the chance, you’ll want to make sure to visit Livada Beach, Santa Margarita Beach,  Rochari Beach, and Agios Fokas. You can easily spend the day at any one of these taking in the gorgeous view, soaking up the sun, and lounging by the water. You also might want to consider going snorkeling or scuba diving to see the beach in a different perspective. Consider visiting the Tinos Dive Center if you are interested in either of those sports.

Browse Through a Museum

If you love history and culture, you should consider visiting one of the many museums on the island. Your choices include the religious museum at the Panayia Evanyelistria Cathedral, the Museum of Marble Crafts, which celebrates one of the major folk arts on the island, and the Chalepas Museum, which celebrates the life and works of the famous sculptor, Chalepas, from the 18th Century.

No matter what you do while on Tinos, you really can’t go wrong. Whether visiting the main port of Hora, meandering through some of the other villages, or even doing one of the activities listed here, you will find that this is one of the most enchanting islands in Greece. It’s a bit tucked away though, so it will take some effort to get here. However, it’s worth it so that you can give this place a chance.

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