Visit Toumba Stadium in Thessaloniki

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In Greece, football is the most popular sport. When visiting Thessaloniki, you will find this to be true. A visit to Toumba Stadium will be an experience you aren’t likely to forget. Here’s what you should know about Toumba Stadium in Thessaloniki, Greece.

About Toumba Stadium

Toumba Stadium in Thessaloniki was built during the late 1950s and officially opened in 1959. The stadium was built because the PAOK Football Club’s previous stadium had become too small. Originally, Toumba stadium could seat 20,000 people, but was then expanded to accommodate 45,000. One of the highest attendances of a game occurred on December 19 1976 during a match between PAOK and AEK with 45, 252 people in attendance. In the 1990s, Toumba Stadium’s capacity would decrease again when seats replaced terraces. The stadium can now seat about 28, 700 spectators.

The official name of the stadium is PAOK Stadium, but it is more commonly known as Toumba Stadium due to the borough of Toumba where it is located.

Visit Toumba Stadium in Thessaloniki

Any sports lover will enjoy a visit to Toumba Stadium when visiting Thessaloniki, Greece. The atmosphere at Toumba Stadium is something you’ve never experienced before. Away fans watch the game from the southwest corner of the pitch. This is a seating section that is next to the main stand. Supporters of PAOK sit across from the Curva Nord. This is where the most passionate supporters of PAOK will be found. They interact with each other and provide the best experience at a football game if you’re looking to get the best experience during your visit. If you do choose to experience a game at Toumba Stadium, tickets can be purchased online or at the many ticket booths that are open during game days at the stadium.

There is a club shop you can visit at Toumba Stadium. The wide selection of items at the store means you are sure to find something to suit your interests. There are clothes, gift cards (there is also an online club shop), phone cases, notebooks, notebooks, backpacks, and more at the Toumba Stadium club shop that are sure to remind you of your visit to the stadium.

Getting to Toumba Stadium

Located at the southeast area of Thessaloniki’s city center, Toumba Stadium is 3.5 km from Thessaloniki’s central Aristotelous Square, 5 km from the central railway station, and just a few hundred meters from the port. If you are coming from the railway station, your best option is probably to take the bus (12 or 14), which connect the railway station to the city center. You can also take the 12 bus from Aristotelous Square or from the While Tower. You can also get around by car, but the stadium is in a popular urban area with many one-way streets, so finding your way might be more complicated.

Toumba Stadium is one of the most popular clubs in Greece and definitely worth a visit when you are in Thessaloniki. You’ll want to visit while here!

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