Visit the Venetian Castle in Nafpaktos, Greece

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The Venetian Castle, also referred to as the Venetian Fortress, is perched atop a hill overlooking the sea right in the heart of the Nafpaktos.  It majestically stands watch over the postcard-perfect harbor town on the Gulf of Corinth and has quickly become one of the region’s most popular tourist destinations over the last half-century. Here’s more information about visiting this destination:

About the Venetian Fortress in Nafpaktos

The Venetian castle and fortress in Nafpaktos is centuries old. Dominant and picturesque, It’s white brick facade starts at two ramparts jutting into the blue-green sea and snakes up an emerald-colored hill. In short, it’s a landscape photographer’s dream locale.

Originally known as Naupaktos, which translates to “boatyard,” the area has always been a strategically situated outpost because of its geography. The region spills into a vast harbor, and its hinterlands are both fertile and highly arable. Plus, the downtown area is hilly, a natural defense in ancient times. According to Greek lore, Naupaktos is where the descendants of Hercules built their naval fleet, and it bustled as a vibrant port city during the classical antiquity era.

The first recorded owners of the castle were the Ozolian Locrians, and it served as the central naval station in western Greece during the Peloponnesian Wars. Between ancient times and the 19th century, the town has changed hands several times. It was under Venetian control in the 1400s and known then as Lepanto. By the 1500s, the Ottomans were in power. The Venetians reclaimed it briefly between 1687 and 1699, but the Ottomans won it back, and it more or less stayed in their control until Greek independence in 1829.

Visiting the Venetian Fortress at Nafpaktos

Walking through the castle and around the grounds is a wonder, and thank goodness, because, if we’re honest, there’s not much more to do except eat at a cafe that operates within the castle’s five fortress walls. However, this shouldn’t stop you! The fortress is located at a pretty spot and you will find that you can easily spend some  quality time here. Be prepared to take plenty of pictures since the view is so spectacular!

The best way to get to the Venetian castle and fortress in Nafpaktos is to drive. A road with a parking lot up top cuts through the verdant hill, and nearly everyone who visits the castle takes that route. As a result, it’s not unusual for the street to be dotted with rental cars and tour buses, so be careful! Some fit folks opt to walk the hill. It’s doable, but not advisable if your relationship with exercise is cordial at best.

While visiting Nafpaktos, you won’t want to miss the chance to visit the the Venetian Castle! It is a picturesque architectural relic from an earlier time, and anyone vacationing in the area should clear a few hours to explore the fortress and surrounding area. It is well worth your time if you do decide to trek here.

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