Visit Astypalaia for a Charming and Rustic Escape

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AstypaleaIn many of the touristy places sprinkled throughout Greece, there is a stark contrast between the Greece that the travelers experience and the Greece that the natives experience on a daily basis. In Astypalea, there isn’t a difference because so few people travel here, that you can’t help but inhabit the places that the locals do. This is one of those charming islands that people flock to in order to get some much needed peace and quiet, and since there are just over 1000 permanent inhabitants on this island, it’s much easier for a visitor to explore the island’s various nooks undisturbed. Here are some of the things you can do while visiting this island:

Go for a Long Walk

If you love walking, you’ll enjoy your time on this island. Sure, you can get around by car or taxi, but what’s the fun in that? The island is perfect for those who enjoy walking. All you need to do is venture outside of your hotel or vacation rental and keep walking until you find something interesting. Grab a bite to eat. Go shopping. Sit at one of the island’s beautiful beaches. Walking also gives you a chance to explore what Greek life here is really all about. Since there aren’t as many visitors here as there are in other places, chances are that the Greeks living on the island will be more than eager to stop and ask you questions in order to get to know you. You can also hike through some of the more undisturbed parts of the island.

Visit Astypalaia Castle

Since the island is so small, finding the Astypalaia Castle is a bit unexpected. It seems to poke out of the earth as if in a dream! This castle is fairly large and extremely well preserved. It’s also a throwback from the island’s Venetian past. Be sure to bring your camera so that you can take plenty of pictures of the amazing view. While you’re here, spend some time wandering the streets of Chora to catch a glimpse at the beautiful buildings.

Enjoy the Beach

Astypalai  is the perfect island to enjoy a gorgeous beach vacation! Since the beach doesn’t get the kinds of crowds that other islands do, you can soak up the sun and enjoy the water in relative peace. Beaches that are worth a visit include Livadia Beach, Agios Konstantinos Beach, and Pera Gialos Beach. Just because the island is quiet, though, doesn’t mean the beaches are isolated. Many of the beaches on the island have lounge chairs for rental, and some do have restaurants.

Eat Traditional Greek Food

Like most places in Greece, Astypalaia has amazing food. Restaurants and tavernas on the island use local finds, such as fruits, vegetables, and seafood, whenever they can.  Ask at your hotel or vacation rental for advice on the best restaurants to eat at. In general, you really can’t go wrong. The food will always be fresh and delicious!

While on the Greek island of  Astypalaia you can’t go wrong spending your days doing any of these activities!

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