Tour the Zappeion in Athens

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Athens, Greece has everything you might be looking for when visiting a city. The city has much to offer in the way of history from its philosophers, athletes, musicians, gods, goddesses, and the almost endless and fascinating archaeology sites. Athens is home to monasteries, cathedrals, and many special monuments. One of these monuments is Zappeion Hall. Here’s what you should know about the Zappeion in Athens, Greece.

About Zappeion Hall

The Zappeion is an important neoclassical building in the National Gardens of Athens. Construction of the building was completed in 1888. It was designed by Danish architect Theophil Freiherr von Hansen. The Zappeion features a Corinthian portico.

The Zappeion was the first building in the world that was built especially for the Olympic Games. It was used during the 1896 Summer Games as the main fencing hall. A decade after the games, the Zappeion was used as the Olympic Village during the 1906 Intercalated Games. In 1938, the Zappeion became home to Greece’s first national broadcaster, the Athens Radio Station. Historical events including the signing of the documents that formalized Greece’s accession to the European Community in 1979 have taken place in the Zappeion. Today, the building is used for public and private events.

The Zappeion, also known as Zappeion Hall, consists of 25 rooms and a garden with various statues including an angel, Eros breaking his arc, a fisherman, and a statue of Evangelos Zappas. Evangelos Zappas was the benefactor of the Zappeion, who sadly did not live long enough to see the Zappeion completed. His cousin Konstantinos Zappa was nominated to complete the building.

Visit the Zappeion

When there are no public or private events taking place at the Zappeion, you are able to explore the building. Sometimes art exhibitions and concerts are held at Zappeion Hall. You will want to take a walk in Zappeion Gardens, which is a 35 acre garden with tree-lined promenades. There are 83,000 square meters of planted areas, 41,000 square meters of paved surfaces, and 2,400 square meters of patios and atriums. The first trees the Zappeion Hall Gardens were planted in 1857. There is also a playground at Zappeion Gardens.

The playground consists of equipment and toys that adhere to international safety standards. Throughout Zappeion Gardens you will find benches and lighting. The gardens are well-kept with regular maintenance. You can’t miss the beautiful water fountains on site. Sit on a bench nearby and relax as you admire the fountains. Zappeion Hall Garden hosts statues of kings, historians, and politicians.

Visit the National Gardens

The Zappeion and the National Gardens are not officially connected, but the Zappeion is considered an extension of the National Gardens. Formerly known as the Royal Garden, as only the royals could enter, today the garden is open to the public. The National Gardens features thousands of trees, 40,000 plants and bushes, 6 lakes, a children’s library, a conservatory, and a café.

Zappeion is an impressive hall and garden with much to see and do. After you’ve explored the Zappeion, be sure to check out Zappeion Gardens and the National Gardens.



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