History Museums to Visit in Greece

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Greece is one of the most popular countries to visit. People come here for a variety of reasons, including the beaches, nightlife, and gorgeous scenery. It is also one of the top places in the world for relaxation. The country also has a rich history that dates back to ancient times. As a result of this, there are some great museums to visit that showcase this history. Here’s a look at the some of the best historical museums to visit:

Acropolis Museum

As the most famous places in all of Greece, the Acropolis attracts millions of visitors each year. After all, this is the home to the famous Parthenon, one of the most iconic landmarks in Greece! The new Acropolis Museum is home to the many artifacts that were found during the Acropolis excavations. With a collection of over 4,000 objects on display, this museum is an ideal starting point for your visit to Athens. The collection spans the Greek Bronze Age, the Roman, and the Byzantine eras. Visitors to the museum will tour the exhibitions in chronological order, giving guests a linear look at the history of the region and its people. The museum also features a cafeteria, restaurant, and gift shop.

Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Located in Crete, the Heraklion Archaeological Museum details the history of this idyllic Greek island. The artifacts housed at this museum once belonged to the ancient civilizations that lived in Crete. A visit to this museum is an ideal way to learn about the ruins that dot the landscape of the Greek islands. Archaeological enthusiasts will delight in the presentation of these ancient artifacts. An extensive collection of Minoan artwork is a centerpiece of this remarkable museum.

National Archaeological Museum

While in Athens, be sure to check out the National Archaeological Museum. This gem is conveniently located on Patission Avenue near Omonoia Square. This vast collection boasts a wide range of finds, including pieces from prehistoric and Minoan times, the Classical period, the Roman and Hellenistic times, the Ottoman occupation, and more. This complex also houses the Epigraphic Museum and its displays of approximately 15,000 authentic Greek inscriptions.

Museum of Byzantine Culture

The Byzantine era is one of the most interesting in Greek history, and there is a museum located in Thessaloniki that highlights it. This relatively new museum has only been open since 1994. While the complex is modern, it features a bevy of exhibits that detail the contributions of the Byzantines to the history of Greece and all of Europe. Permanent exhibits include The Early Christian Church, The Dynasties of Byzantine Emporers, and The Twilight of Byzantium (1204-1453).

Palace of the Grand Master

The island of Rhodes is a unique place to visit. The beaches here are considered some of the best that Greece has to offer, but there is also another reason – because of its unique Medieval history. The Palace of the Grandmaster is a big part of this. Distinguished by its Gothic architecture, this stunning ancient palace is located on the island of Rhodes. In ancient times the structure served as both a palace and a fortress. Today the site is open to visitors wishing to experience the palatial life of rulers as early as the late 7th century. The palace also boasts a collection of sculptures, mosaics, and painting spanning centuries of Greek history.

Regardless of if you are interested in ancient artifacts, art, or ruins, the museums of Greece will allow you to step back into history and marvel at the people and times of this ancient land.

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