Children of Zeus and Hera in Greek Mythology

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Angry ZeusAll of the Olympian gods and goddesses were paired up into couples. There were six gods and six goddesses, and although each of the gods and goddesses were matched, that didn’t stop them from having fun outside of their relationships. Zeus, the king of the gods, and Hera, the goddess of the hearth and home, were paired up and Zeus’s escapades outside of their marriage, and Hera’s famous jealousy, certainly defined their relationship. The pair also had several children together. Here’s a look at who they are:

Ares – God of War

Ares was the god of war and one of the most famous of the children of Hera and Zeus. His nature is depicted as being wild and untamed, and he was said to represent the hectic, dangerous, and chaotic side of war. His half sister, Athena, is the goddess of wisdom as well as war, but Athena represented the side of war that was more strategic and calculating. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was said to have had an affair with Ares.

Hebe – Goddess of Youth

Hebe, the goddess of youth, is depicted as being fresh-faced and beautiful. She had a youthful energy and her very name is derived from a Greek word meaning, “prime of youth.” Hebe represented people’s desires to always stay young and vibrant.

Eileithyia – Goddess of Childbirth

Eileithyia, the goddess of childbirth, is thought to be a surviving goddess from early on in Ancient Greece. Linguists have traced her name not through the usual Indo-European roots of the other Greek goddesses and gods, but to the ancient Minoan civilization. She was present for the birth of Hercules, Zeus’s half mortal son. She always represented childbirth in all her stories.

Hephaestus – God of Metallurgy

Hephaestus, the God of Metallurgy, was also known as the “Blacksmith of the Gods.” He spent most of his days making the weapons of the gods and goddesses. He was also married to Aphrodite, and the match was depicted as being a bad one. He was quiet and kept to himself, and many saw him as fairly weak. However, he was physically strong and an important part of the lives of the Olympian gods and goddesses.

Eris – Goddess of Strife and Discord

Eris was considered to be the Greek goddess of strife and discord. She is often depicted as someone who brings unhappiness wherever she goes. She is also associated with lamentations, and is never thought to be happy. Eris, or Strife, can also bring about negative emotions in people, such as jealousy and unhappiness.

Angelos – Deity of the Underworld

Not much is known about Angelos, but there are some rare myths that have been uncovered that tell a little bit of her story. She was referred to as “She of the Underworld” by those who knew her story. Not much is known about her except that she was raised by nymphs.

Enyo – Goddess of War

Since Enyo was most often recognized as being Ares’ companion, she was referred to as the “Goddess of War” or “Sister of War.” Some sources also explain that Enyo and Ares were the parents of Enyalius, another war god. Enyo was part of various mythological stories, such as the fall of Troy and the Seven Against Thebes conflict.

Since Zeus is a god and Hera a goddess, each of their children were also divine. Each also went over to have heir own adventures and stories.


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