Kraken (Scylla) – Sea Creature of Greek Mythology

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Greek Mythology has a variety of creatures that make its way into some of the stories. One of the most common types of creatures are those that originate from the sea. Referred to the Kraken, since it was popularized in the Clash of the Titans movies, the sea creatures have a fearsome reputation. There is just one problem with this reference – the Kraken actually wasn’t part of the Greek collection of creatures, popular culture has misnamed it. In Greek mythology, one of the most common names for the Sea Creature is Scylla.

However, the fact remains that sea creatures are pretty common in Greek mythology. Here’s more information about it:

Appearance, Temperament, and Habits

Fearsome sea creatures have been popularized and written about ever since ancient times. Although the legend has taken many shapes in different cultures, the Greek version of the Kraken has taken a slightly different appearance and name. In Greek Mythology, this sea creature has octopus-like features and is referred to as Scylla. There are also other sea monsters that can be found in Greek Mythology.

In Greek Mythology, the Kraken (Scylla) takes the form of a giant octopus. In other cultures, the Kraken was said to look similar to giant crabs and have characteristics like that of giant whales. It is most often depicted as an octopus-like creature that has spikes on its suckers.

Though a dangerous sea monster, this monster doesn’t have a big interest in hunting humans. When sailors have been caught and swallowed by the Kraken, it is likely because they didn’t get out of the way quickly enough. The Kraken is thought to be a lazy sea monster who spends a lot of time sleeping at the bottom of the sea.

This monster is said to feed on fish, but doesn’t typically hunt them. Instead he will lure them to him and make a meal out of thousands of them, which can take months to digest. The sea monster will then spew his waste of the digested fish, which attracts the attention of more fish, like bait. Then he has his next meal.

References in Pop Culture and Mythology

This creature has made an appearance in television, films, literature, and myth for years. In 1830, the Kraken was the subject of Alfred Tennyson’s sonnet “The Kraken.” The 1981 film Clash of the Titans, which takes its story from Greek Mythology, as well as the 2010 remake of the film, has a creature like Scylla, or the Kraken as it is known in popular culture.

t was also featured in two Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but more prominently in the 2006 movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, where the sea monster was the pet of Davy Jones. It has also been mentioned in Nordic mythology, and has also been referenced in pop culture. There is a version of the creature in a popular Icelandic Saga.

As you can see, plenty of cultures have their version of the Kraken. In Greek Mythology, it is most often known as Scylla.


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