Recipe for Greek Style Rich Cream

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This recipe may look deceptively simple, but Greek style rich cream is different than just simple rich cream. It has a rich flavor and is incredibly versatile. It’s used to finish off desserts and tastes especially good with ice cream.

Greek Style Rich Cream (Kaymaki) Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1 quart heavy cream

Instructions on How to Make Greek Style Rich Cream:

Pour the cream into a heavy saucepan and set the heat to medium. Heat the cream to just before boiling, stirring often with a wooden spoon.

Reduce the heat to low and scoop some of the cream into a large ladle. Hover the ladle twelve inches above the saucepan and pour the cream over the back of a large spoon and back into the saucepan. Repeat three more times and then do it once every 10 minutes for 1.5 hours.

After that 1.5 hours is up, let the cream continue to sit over low heat for thirty minutes. Don’t stir it. Remove from the heat and cover the pan with a kitchen towel. Let it sit fo 2 hours.

Remove the towel and cover the pan with the lid. Refrigerate the cream for 12 hours before using it. Transfer to an airtight container. Use it within a week.

PLEASE NOTE: Greek recipes can be slightly different based on a variety of reasons, such as the region of Greece that the recipe is being made in. If you have seen this Greek recipe made another way, please send us an email to greekboston@worldwidegreeks.com and we will evaluate your suggestion. Thanks!

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