Why You Should Visit Alonnisos

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Why You Should Visit AlonnisosAlonnisos is one of those off the beaten path places that has charmed visitors for years. Travelers pass through here seeking an escape from the cares of everyday life. Even though the island is relatively small, it has enough charm to leave a lasting impression on its visitors. Here are some very good reasons why you should visit this island the next time you’re in Greece:

Beautiful Scenery

One thing that the island of Alonnisos is known for is its beautiful scenery. While the rolling hills are a defining feature of the overall landscape, its the island’s greenery that really stands out. Alonnisos is known for its gorgeous vegetation, especially their cypress trees, which dot the landscape and flank its beaches. As a result, one of the popular activities here is to talk simple walks through the hills to take in all that the island has to offer. Wild herbs such as sage and oregano fill up the countryside, as well as some of the island’s freshest produce, such as fig trees, olive trees, and plenty of grapes.

Stunning Beaches

As a Greek island, there is certainly no shortage of beaches to enjoy! Not only that, but the beaches area a hub of marine life, which draws countless snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts to the island each year. Popular beaches include Agios Dimitrios Beach, Leftos Gialos Beach, Chrisi Malia Beach, Kokinokastro Beach, and Georgi Gialos Beach. This is also a place where you aren’t limited to simply sitting on the beach. You can also participate in sports such as kayaking and windsurfing here. To explore some of the marine life that can be found here, be sure to head to the National Marine Park of Alonnisos to enjoy it. It not only has a variety of marine life, but also boasts some of the island’s best scenery.

Bars and Restaurants

Don’t let the fact that the island is small fool you. There is plenty to do here in terms of nightlife! Aside from the fact that there are plenty of restaurants here for you to enjoy, you can also visit some of the many tavernas, bars, and cafes. In other words, there’s something here for everyone! Your nightlife choices here range from traditional to modern and a few choices that encompass a bit of both. In order to get the best experience you can, you might want to ask around to see what your best options are. No matter where you go, the menu choices will be filled with some of the freshest local foods. No matter what you eat, be sure to drink some of the popular local wine!

Visit Old Alonnisos

One of the most enchanting places to visit on the island, Old Alonnisos has a lot of charm. It also has a rich history! Look closely, and you’ll be able to see some of the old donkey paths, most of which lead down to the major beach in the area, Megalos Mourtias Beach, which actually doesn’t contain sand – the shore is made mostly of pebbles. Be sure to reserve one of the beach shares and where comfortable shoes while walking! The thing that stands Old Alonnisos apart is its stunning, panoramic views – so be sure to bring your camera!


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