Museums to Visit in Lemnos, Greece

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Lemnos is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. The history of Lemnos Island is long and fascinating. Ruins of the oldest human settlement throughout the Aegean Islands has been found in Lemnos during archaeological excavations. During antiquity, Homer spoke as if there were only one town in Lemnos, but during Classical times there were two. Lemnos played an important role during the last years of the Byzantine period as it was a crucial source of food.

When visiting the island of Lemnos, a visit to any or all the museums will give you a glimpse into the history. Here are the museums you can tour in Lemnos, Greece:

Maritime and Sponge Museum of Lemnos

Located in Nea Koutali, the Maritime and Sponge Museum of Lemnos aims to highlight the history of sponge-fishing on the island of Lemnos. Islanders from Koutali brought the practice when they arrived at their new homeland in Lemnos. There are three thematic sections at the Maritime and Sponge Museum. The first section showcases the life of islanders of Koutali before their uprooting, the next section provides information about sponge-fishing at Nea Koutali, and the third is the archaeological section.

Many of the exhibits are donations from the Koutali people. Items at the museum include: photographs, artifacts, tools, and machinery. Archaeological objects that wer collected by sponge divers are also on display. These items include amphoras, ancient anchors, ceramics, and small items that date to ancient Greece and the Roman and Byzantine periods.

Archaeological Museum of Lemnos

Established in 1963, the Archaeological Museum of Lemnos is located in Myrina, near the high school. The museum is housed in a three-storey Neoclassical mansion. The mansion was used as the Turkish headquarters during the Turkish occupation. At the Archaeological Museum today, you can see collections of items that come from excavations in ancient Ifestia, Kaviro, and others that date from the Prehistoric to the Hellenic periods. Items also include donations and antiquities from Imbros that were rescued by the metropolitan bishop of Imbros before the Asia Minor Disaster in 1922.

Folklore Museum of Lemnos

The Folklore Museum is located in the village of Portiano on the island of Lemnos. The museum was established in a two-storey building in 1995 by the Association of Portiano Residents. The building is of traditional architecture. The museum hosts a collection of items that relate to the folklore of Lemnos. Exhibits include textiles, reels, tools, spinning wheels, costumes of the 19th century, and other items of every day life. There are also a number of representations of rooms at the Folklore Museums, which include a living room and kitchen.

Ecclesiastical Museum of Lemnos

The Ecclesiastical Museum of Lemnos is housed in Myrina close to the Holy Cathedral of Lemnos. The museum showcases art pieces from the Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods. You can also see relics of ecclesiastical tradition when touring the museum.

Enjoy spending time at the museums of Lemnos, Greece. There is such a rich culture here that the museums give a nice overview of what this area of Greece has to offer.

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