Explore Anavatos Village in Chios

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Anavatos is a small village in the region of Chios, Greece. The area has been inhabited since ancient times. Its history is marked with many battles between Turks and Christians, pirates seeking refuge from storms, armies passing through on their way to battle in Gallipoli or Constantinople. Nowadays, it can be found at the heart of one of Chios’ largest olive oil-producing regions – Lithari Valley. With so much beauty around us, it’s hard not to fall in love with this place.

About Anavatos Village

The village of Anavatos is located in the northern part of Chios, Greece’s main island. On both sides of the village, there are olive groves considered some of the best in Greece. They have been awarded many times for their high quality and organoleptic properties.

In Anavatos, you will find yourself wandering from one beautiful beach to another. There are always new places to discover with each visit, like the small beaches of Lia and Tzortzi. If you walk around, you will find rustic areas away from the crowd where you can enjoy your time at peace. You can also discover traditional mills (windmills) that turn around in search of wind, something that is really rare nowadays.

What to Do at Anavatos Village

Anavatos is a favorite spot for many tourists to Chios. People come here to enjoy the beauty of the beaches, relax in smaller resorts away from the bigger crowd, and have picnics amongst the olive trees, which are plentiful throughout this area. For those who want to know more about olive oil production, some tours take you through the process and show you the reality of producing olive oil. They also sell it at a reduced price so you can take some home as a gift for friends and family. Visitors can also learn about other local products.

The village is close to many interesting places, such as Vrontados, where giant sand dunes reach up to 40m in height. No cars or roads pass through these dunes, making it an ideal spot for those looking to escape the crowds. Another place of interest is Lekhones, a town dating back to 3000 BC where you can walk around and admire both the houses and churches from the 18th century. The area has a network of paths that connect Anavatos with other interesting places in the area, like traditional settlements which have been passed down for generations.

Getting to Anavatos Village

The best way to get to Anavatos is by rental car. There are also buses that run regularly from Chios town. It is a beautiful drive taking you through the countryside and olive groves before reaching up into the hills of Anavatos with its stunning views. Allow for about 1 hour 30 minutes driving time from Chios town.

As you get onto the national road that links Chios town, there are signs for Anavatos. There used to be a toll on the right-hand side of this road, but The National Road Company has removed it, so you can drive straight up to the village without stopping at any gates.

Anavatos is a lovely village to visit if you want to experience real Greece. The people are friendly, there is no big crowd, and the area’s beauty is simply breathtaking. Chios is now gaining a reputation with visitors for being a place where history lives on today in many ways, offering a great holiday destination for those looking for an authentic Greek island.

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