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Santorini is a unique, impressive, and mysterious island. The volcanic soil, colorful houses, and red cliffs are sites to admire. The history of Santorini, Greece is an equally fascinating subject. Evidence shows that the first human presence on the island dates back to 3600 BC. Part of the history you’ll want to explore is the Argyros Mansion Museum in Santorini.

About Argyros Mansion Museum in Santorini

Built in 1888, the Argyros Mansion is a traditional mansion found in the village of Messaria, which is located in the center of Santorini. The village of Messaria is home to other mansions, which signifies the importance of the area during that time as a wine-making center. Argyros Mansion was built by landowner and wine merchant George Argyros. In 1956, an earthquake hit and the mansion suffered severe damages.

The southeast corner collapsed completely along with the main hall’s roof. From that point, the mansion was uninhabited. Then in 1985, the Argyros Mansion was named as a valuable sample of traditional architecture by the Greek Ministry of Culture. Renovations would take place and the mansion would become home to a museum that features both permanent and temporary exhibits. The ground floor of the mansion museum serves as a 5-star hostel and guided tours take place on the upper level.

Argyros Mansion was built on land that previously used as warehouses and stables by the Argyros family. In 1860, George Argyros built a wine warehouse to meet the needs of his winemaking business. Twenty-Eight years later, he would begin building the mansion. The architecture reflected the aesthetic of the time.

Visit Argyros Mansion Museum in Santorini

Argyros Mansion Museum is one of the best ways to get an authentic feel for how life was lived in the 19th century in Santorini, especially that of a landowner. In the living room, you will see Austrian furniture as well as a Russian buffet. The piano room hints to the household having children that were learning music and art. The dining room features Viennese furniture that includes a dining table that could seat up to 18 people. The office of George Argyros overlooked the fields and featured its own entrance for people who came to do business with him.

When you visit Argyros Mansion Museum, you can come as individual visitors or as a group. If you want to plan ahead and arrange a tour, this is available. If you’re not sure when you’ll be in the area and have time, you can be spontaneous and just pop in as well. Guided tours are available in Greek and English. The village of Messaria, where Argyros Mansion Museum is located, hosts many cultural events throughout the summer months.

To visit Argyros Mansion Museum, you must first get to Santorini Island. You can get to Santorini by ferry or by plane. Thanks to its proximity to Athens, the trip is fairly quick. The main port and the airport of Santorini are both 8 km from Fira. Argyros Mansion Museum is located just 6 km from Fira, in the village of Messaria.


Argyros Mansion Museum 

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