Attractions to Visit in Kalavrita, Greece

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Kalavrita is a mountain village is the ideal place to visit to avoid the heat of summer. Winter is also a good time to visit, thanks to the skiing opportunities. In the village you will find hotels, cafes, restaurants, and shops to make your stay comfortable. While visiting Kalavrita, Greece, be sure to visit some of these attractions.

Visit the Holocaust Monument

The Holocaust Monument is located on a hill above Kalavrita. The town of Kalavrita suffered greatly during the holocaust. In October of 1943, the German Operation Kalavrita began when Greek resistance forces won the Nazi troops in a battle in a nearby village.

Eighty German soldiers were captured and the Nazi forces demanded the prisoners be released. They threatened that if they were not released, residents of nearby villages would be executes. The resistance stood strong and did not cave to the threats. On December 8th, German troops entered and destroyed Kerpini Village and Pogi Village and killed all the men. When this happened, the Greek forces executed the German prisoners, with only one escaping. Over the coming days, more atrocities would occur. The monument honors the people who died during the awful event.

There is also the Holocaust Museum that is housed in the school where the women and children had been locked up. The museum showcases items such as photographs, old newspapers, documents, and objects left from the Nazi occupation. The museum is located in the central square of the town.

Explore the Gorge of Vouraikos

The 40 km long Vouraikos River flows between the west side of Mount Helmos and the east side of Mount Erimanthos.The river creates a deep gorge known as the Gorge of Vouraikos. Mythology says that Hercules was in love with Vourna, who was the daughter of Eliki and Nefeligeretes. Vourna lived in the sea and Hercules opened the passage in order to reach her. The gorge is an impressive sight to see for its beauty, but it is also a wonderful place to hike and explore the forests, flora, and fauna. The waterfalls at the gorge are breathtaking. This natural attraction should be on your list of places to see.

Visit the Castle of Orias

Located in Kalavrita, the Castle of Orias is a medieval castle that is also known by Kastro of Orias by locals. The Castle of Orias sits at an altitude of 1100 meters on a rocky mountain. The castle was built in 1208 by a Frankish family. You can still see a good part of the castle, which has remained in good condition. You can still see the Venetian architecture. The meaning of the name translates to “Castle of the Beautiful Lady,” which is owed to an incident that occurred at the castle in 1463 when a beautiful woman threw herself from the castle in an attempt to escape the Turks.

Visit these attractions when in Kalavrita, Greece. They are all a vital part of the culture and history of this area of Greece!

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