Attractions to See in Lefkada, Greece

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Lefkada is a Greek Island in the Ionian Sea. The island is connected to the mainland via a causeway. The waters of the beaches are varying shades of blue and the landscape is something to admire. There are mountains, flowing streams, cliffs with pine trees, and beautiful waterfalls on the island of Lefkada.

Lefkada is home to many attractions you won’t want to miss while visiting the island.

The Castle of Agia Mavra

Also known as Santa Maura, the Castle of Agia Mavra is located at the edge of the channel of Drepano, which connects Lefkada to the mainland. It can be seen from the entrance of the island. The castle was built in 1300 to protect the new capital of the island. In the medieval castle you can see the Church of Agia Mavra, which was built in the 15th century. There are also the ruins of a bridge built by the Turks that had connected the city to the castle. In 1888, the castle was destroyed by a fire and after its renovation was used as a refugee camp. During World War II, the castle was attacked by Italians and destroyed by bombs. Inside the castle, you can still see a canon.

The Lighthouse of Lefkada

Built in 1861, the Lighthouse of Lefkada is located on the southern side of the island at Cape Lefkada. According to myth, it was at this spot where the Greek poet Sappho jumped to her death when the one she loved, Phaedon, rejected her. The view from the lighthouse is breathtaking. You can see the islands of Ithaca and Kefalonia and the port of Fiskardo. The Lighthouse of Lefkada is a romantic spot to spend time with your loved one.

The Waterfalls of Nidri

Located high in the mountains near the village of Rahi, the Waterfalls of Nidri is also known as the Dimossari waterfall. This area is a source of many waterfalls that cascade throughout the mountains. The name Dimossari comes from the word Dimos, which was an ancient state where watermills were found. The waterfalls form a little lake that you can go swimming in. Getting to the waterfalls will take you on a hike through pine trees.

The Lagoon of Lefkada

The Lagoon of Lefkada is an important wetland that extends between Lefkada and Akarnania. The lagoon is a shelter for native birds as well as migratory birds. The wetland is rich in flora, fauna, salt water, salt marshes, and sandy areas including sand dunes. There are fig trees, heathers, aromatic herb plants, jellyfish, crabs, eels, sea bass, amphibians, snakes, seagulls, pelicans, and so much more to see at the lagoon. One part of the lagoon is separated by reed screens. Within this area traditional fishing is done. The Lagoon of Lefkada is actually one of 12 wetlands on the island of Lefkada.

Visiting the island of Lefkada is a chance to see some extraordinary attraction, both natural and man-made. Lefkada is an island rich in natural beauty and history.

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