Attractions to Visit in Schinoussa, Greece

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Schinoussa is the smallest Greek island in the Cyclades group, but it’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking for peace and quiet. The deep blue waters surrounding the island and the hills that offer beautiful panoramic views will leave you craving more. The island of Schinoussa has some interesting and prominent beaches and attractions that you won’t want to miss when you’re visiting.

Church of Panagia Akathi

Located in the centre of the village of Panagia is the most important religious centre of Schinoussa – the Church of Panagia Akathi. Panagia Akathi is the saint protector of the island of Schinoussa. This church was built in the traditional style of the Cyclades with white walls and a blue dome. The Church of Panagia Akathu hosts an icon of the Virgin Mary. Many women on the island of Schinoussa have taken their name from the church and it’s protector saint and are named Akathi.

Psili Ammos Beach

Located 2 km east of Chora (the capital of Schinoussa) is the beach of Psili Ammos. This is a secluded and non-organized beach, but one of the most beautiful and popular on the island of Schinoussa. The beach features turquoise waters and soft sand. Psili Ammos Beach can be reached by boat or the track road. The walk from Chora is about 30 minutes. The landscape surrounding the beach is also to be admired. White sand dunes travel down to meet the beach of Psili Ammos. There is not much natural shade to be found at the beach, but some tamarisks have been planted.

Cave of Maniatis

The Cave of Maniatis, also known as Pirate Cave, is found near the harbour of Mersini. Tradition says that a pirate who came from Mani in the Peloponnese landed at the island of Schinoussa and attempted to rob the Church of Panagia Akathi. While in the church, he has the feeling that he was being watched by the icon of the Virgin Mary, so he shot it. As he was running away from the church, he slipped and fell into the Cave of Maniatis. It is said that the locals who found him burned his body and that’s why the cave remains pitch black today.

Mersini Beach

Mersini Beach is a small cove located 2 km west of Chora and close to the village of Mersini. Its location makes it a popular beach, but it doesn’t get too crowded. It’s the perfect beach to visit if you’re looking for a tranquil environment where you can relax and swim. Surrounding trees provide natural shade on hot and sunny days.

Mersini Beach is pebbled and not organized. Mersini Village is the main port of Schinoussa Island. If you decide to stop for a visit, you’ll see the ferries coming from surrounding islands as well as local fishing boats and yachts that anchor there. In the village you’ll also find fish taverns that serve fresh fish.

Schinoussa Island is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a laid-back vacation.


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