Beaches to Visit in Poros, Greece

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Poros, Greece is located between the Argonic and the Saronic Gulfs and belongs to the Argosaronic islands. Poros, in the past, was two separate islands, that are connected today by a narrow channel. The island of Poros is volcanic and mountainous. The small Greek island is home to many beaches that make the ideal spot for relaxation and adventure. Here are some of the beaches you should visit when in Poros, Greece.

Love Bay

Love Bay is a gorgeous beach located 4 km northwest of Poros Town. Love Bay features white pebbles mixed in with the sand and breathtaking emerald waters. The beach is a true paradise. The small beach is organized and can become crowded due to its beauty and close proximity to Poros Town, but it is an ideal spot for families to enjoy an afternoon. Natural shade is provided by pine trees that surround the beach. Love Bay can be reached by bus from Poros Town.

Russian Bay

The beach of Russian Bay is located 5 km from Poros Town and 1.5 km from from Neorio Beach. The same bus you take to get to Love Bay is the one that will take you to Russian Bay. Russian Bay features golden sand and water that is clear. The bay is protected from the winds, partly organized, and family friendly. Along this beach you can see remains of an old navy station. Russian Bay was the first place where Russian ships docked to help the Greek people during the Greek revolution. This beach is an important historical site.

Vayionia Beach

Located 10 km north of Poros Town, Vayionia is a secluded beach that is not organized. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, Vayionia Beach is the ideal destination. This beach is surrounded by lovely greenery that adds to the ambiance. This beach doesn’t receive as many visitors as other beaches in Poros, but it is popular with fishermen. A unique feature of Vayionia Beach is that you can see the remains of an ancient city under the water, just a few meters from the shore. There is a small place on site where you can get drinks and snacks. There is no direct bus service to Vayionia Beach, but if you’ve rented a car, you can get to this tranquil and interesting beach.

Monastiri Beach

Monastiri Beach is 5 km from Poros Town. The beach is actually a small cove that is surrounded by green cliffs. The beach is organized with colorful sun beds and umbrellas that add fun to the beach. The waters of Monastiri Beach are clear making it ideal for water sports. There is a watersports and ski center located at Monastiri Beach, near the road. This center is floating on a manmade deck right beside impressive rock formations.

Enjoy the beautiful and relaxing beaches of Poros, Greece.

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