Visit Bey Hamam in Thessaloniki

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Thessaloniki, Greece boasts a rich and fascinating history. You can experience this history through the archaeological sites, castles, monasteries, and museums. The monuments of Thessaloniki are worth exploring. One piece of history you should visit when in Thessaloniki, Greece is Bey Hamam. Here’s all you should know about the Bey Hamam.

About Bey Hamam in Thessaloniki

Constructed in 1444 by Murda II, Bey Hamam is an Ottoman Bathhouse. It is located east of Panagia Chalkeon on Egnatia Street. Bey Hamam, also known as “Baths of Paradise,” is a double bath that has one room for men and one room for women. The room for men is the more spacious and luxurious of the two. Each bath consists of three parts: the cold room, the tepid room, and the hot room.

The cold room is large and octagonal with a gallery resting on columns and a painted cupola. The tepid room features depictions of plants. The hot rooms are a complex of rooms with a massage area in the middle. Bey Hamam is considered one of the most important baths in all of Greece. Bey Hamam features wall paintings, colorful designs, marble basins and benches, and openings at the top of the hamam to allow in light. The domes of the hamam are beautifully decorated as well.

Until 1968, locals continued use the baths under the name Baths of Paradise (or Loutra Paradisos). In 1978, a large earthquake shook Thessaloniki and damaged Bey Hamam. The baths would be restored and today the building is used for short exhibitions and cultural events.

What to Do at Bey Hamam

The old Ottoman bathhouse of Bey Hamam is a must-see when you’re in Thessaloniki. It is one of the few remaining Ottoman buildings in Greece and an important part of its history. The architecture of the hamam is impressive and the rooms inside are well-preserved. Since 2010, the hamam has been used as a site to host exhibitions. When inside, be sure to look up the impressive ceilings that are carved and painted.

Located next to Bey Hamam is a bar called Palio Hamam. Which shares part of the old bathhouse building. From the rooftop of the bar you will have a breathtaking view of the area. The atmosphere of the bar is a mix of old and new. You can try different cocktails for a good price. Palio Hamam means “old hamam.”

Getting to Thessaloniki can be done many ways. You can fly there from many places including the United States. Once you touch down, you can take a taxi to your hotel. You can also get to Thessaloniki by train from Athens, Macedonia, and Thrace. There is even a line that connects Thessaloniki with central and western Europe. You can also reach Thessaloniki by bus, ferry, or car. Once in Thessaloniki, make your way to Aristotelous Square where you will find Bey Hamam.

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