Visit the Venetian Castle of Querini in Astypalaia

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Astypalaia is one of those islands that seems tucked away, hidden from view. Those who do know about it understand that this is an island filled with delights, just waiting to be explored. During your visit here, you have a real chance to get to know the landscape. Known just as much for its excellent walking opportunities as it is its beaches, this island certainly won’t disappoint. While out exploring, you’ll also want to be sure to visit the Venetian Castle of Querini that sits perched on a hall overlooking the town of Chora. Here’s more information:

Getting to Chora in Astypalaia

Before you can visit the castle, you need to first get yourself to the island. There is an airport on this island that regularly has flights from Athens. It is also possible to take a ferry from one of the main ports in Greece, such as Piraeus, which is close to the Athens Airport. Although taking a flight is definitely the faster option, a ferry is a good alternative, especially if there are no flights available when you plan to visit. Once you arrive, Chora is about a twenty-minute drive from the airport, which means that you can take a bus, taxi, or rent a car.

Explore the View at the Venetian Castle

When you arrive in Chora, the Venetian Castle should be immediately visible. Because it’s considered a fortress, the Venetians built it perched atop a large hill. As a result of this, it gives those at the castle a great view of the town below as well as of the sea itself. During the Venetian era, this gave the islanders a strong defensive position that enabled them to defend the island. Because it was perched on a hill, people could see long distances on all sides, which could help them see the threats and prepare for attack. Nowadays, the castle isn’t used in this way. However, this makes the castle fun to visit since those who make their way to the top of the hill are also able to enjoy the amazing views. Don’t forget to bring you camera!

Enjoying the Venetian Castle

Once you arrive in Chora, you’ll no doubt want to snap a few pictures of the castle as you gaze at it from a distance. However, you’ll also want to journey to the top of the hill so you can witness the fortress firsthand. You’ll need to hike to the top from Chora and when you do, you’ll want to time your journey for just before sunrise or sunset since this spot boasts the best views during these times. In fact, this is considered to be the best place to view the sunset or sunrise on the whole island.

The Venetian Castle of Querini on the island of Astypalaia is one of the most impressive places to visit on the island. A fine example of Venetian architecture, visiting here will instantly transport you back in time while also giving you a chance to witness one of the most memorable views on the island.

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