Visit the Camera Museum in Mystras

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Do you love cameras? Are you fascinated with the idea that you can capture almost any image on film by simply pressing a button? You’re not alone. Many people have long been delighted at the use of cameras both professionally and as a hobby. They love taking pictures of the things they see as they look around them. Under these circumstances, it’s not surprising that one man has spent a long time exploring the inner workings of this modern tool. Takis Aivalis is a Greek man who admires how much cameras have the opportunity to transform the world as we know it.

About the Camera Museum in Mystras

Takis Aivalis knows that people admire cameras. That’s one passion he has shared. It’s also something that led him to collect cameras. Over time, he was able to amass a large collection of cameras. In fact the Guinness Book of World Records considers his collection to be the largest collection of cameras anywhere in the entire globe. Not content to keep his collection to himself, Aivalis decided it was time to share this with others. That is why he chose to start to a museum that is entirely devoted to cameras.

What to Do at the Camera Museum in Mystras

There are many things you can do at the Camera Museum. It’s a great place to spend time when you’re in the area. For one thing, admission is free. Many people appreciate the chance to do something fun that won’t cost them any money. This is a chance to get a feel for the kind of cameras you can find today. It’s also a chance to have a look at at the history of cameras. You’ll find detailed notes on the many types of cameras here that are easy to read.

Getting to the Camera Museum in Mystras

Visiting this part of the world is very easy. Many people have enjoyed traveling to this area as it has a lot to see and do. The mild climate is also deeply pleasing. This is a good place to visit when you want to enjoy some sunshine in the middle of the summer. You can reach this town in many ways. Most people travel here by heading to Athens first. There are lots of flights that will bring you from other parts of the world directly into Athens. It’s a nice trip from the capital of Athens by car. A direct road is easy to follow and offers lots of scenic vistas along the way. You can also take one of three daily buses into the town and then walk to the Camera Museum.

Greece is one of the most exciting places in the world. Take some time to stop off at the Mystras Camera Museum. You’ll find it an inviting place that allows you to relax and admire the work of a passionate camera enthusiast. This is also a very good place to bring the entire family.

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