Visit Chorio Village on Kimolos

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The Greek island of Kimolos is home to rare geological monuments, impressive architecture, and natural beauty that will leave you in awe. One of the best places on Kimolos to interact with the people and see interesting sites is Chorio Village, the capital of the island. Here’s what you should know about Chorio Village.

About Chorio Village on Kimolos

Chorio Village is the capital of the island of Kimolos. Chorio is located at the southeastern part of Kimolos. The population of Kimolos Island is small and many of them live in Chorio. Kimolos Island is the only one of the Cycladic islands that does not use the word “Chora” for its capital. Before you enter Chorio, there is a parking lot on the right side. Parking is free, so you can leave your car there and enjoy strolling around Chorio. At the center of Chorio, you will find the bakeries, taverns, and traditional cafés.

The village of Chorio is built around the central Kastro, which was once home to the whole population of the island. This was to protect the residents from pirates.

Visit Chorio Village on Kimolos

Chorio features traditional Cycladic stone houses that are painted white and blue. There are many churches throughout Chorio Village, you will see them on each corner as you explore. The streets of the village are narrow and charming. The whitewashed houses are built around the center of the old Venetian Castle. Kastro (the castle) is an old fortress that protected the residents from pirates.

Here are some things to do while in Choria Village:

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Kimolos is located in Chorio Village across from the Metropolitan Church of Panagia Odigitiria. The museum is housed in a two-storey building that is one of the oldest in Chorio. The Archaeological Museum of Kimolos opened in 2006. A tour of the museum begins with the oldest known settlement and goes to modern times in a film. Images show what the archaeological sites of Kimolos look like today.


The windmills have stood for centuries on Xaplovouni, which means “lying mountain.” The locals often refer to it as Klapsovouni, meaning “crying mountain.” It is said that in the past, the residents of Sifnos were made to move to Kimolos and when they would trek to the peak of the mountain, they would cry at seeing their island in the distance.

Eat Great Food

When you’re ready for a bite to eat, the bakeries serve a delicious local cheese pie known as tyrenies. You may also want to try the locally made spread at the café where you can also try tapas and raki. For an after-meal stroll, head to Kampos Square. Kampos is the main square of the village. During the evening hours, the tavern puts some tables in the square. You can also do some shopping at the souvenir shop.

The quickest way to get to the island of Kimolos is to take a flight from Athens to the island of Milos and then take a short ferry ride to Kimolos. You can get around on Kimolos by bus, car, or taxi.

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