Visit the Castle of Patras in Greece

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Located in Patras, Greece, the Castle of Patras dates back to the 6th century AD. When visiting Patras, this is the perfect landmark to visit as it offers not only a glimpse into history, but a wonderful view of the city. Here’s what you should know about the Castle of Patras in Greece.

About the Castle of Patras

The Castle of Patras is located in Patras, on a hill of Mount Panachaikos, the highest spot of the town. The castle was built during the second half of the 6th century AD. The Castle of Patras, which was constructed by Byzantine emperor Justinian, was built on the ruins of an ancient Acropolis. Materials from pre-Christian buildings were used in the construction of the Castle of Patras.

This castle was captured many times throughout its history, by the Franks, the Byzantines, and the Turks, to name a few. The castle was in the possession of the Turks for about five centuries until it was given to the Greeks by French admiral Maison in 1828.

What to Do at the Castle of Patras

Anyone with an interest in history or fortresses will want to visit and explore the Castle of Patras. Entrance to the area is free and well worth the walk to get there. The location of the castle offers a breathtaking 360 degree view of the city of Patras. You can spend time taking pictures to capture the beauty of the area.

The walls of the castle are still in pretty good condition, as is the fort inside the walls. Exploring the different areas of the castle will feel like a step back in time to when it was an active fortress. Not every area of the castle is accessible, but to see them even from a distance is worth the trip. There are information boards that will give you some of the history of the Castle of Patras.

After your visit to the Castle of Patras site, there is a café just a short distance from the entrance where you can get a drink and snack.

Getting to the Castle of Patras in Greece

With so much to see and do in Patras, as well as its convenient location, it’s easy to get to the city. You can travel to Patras, Greece by car, bus, plane, train, or ferry. The central bus station of Achaia is in Patras, so it connects with many nearby locations as well as ones further away, such as Athens.

Once in Patras, you can get to the Castle of Patras by car, but you will have to walk up to the site of the castle. Other fun ways to get to the Castle of Patras are through walking tours, cultural tours, or biking tours.

If you’re visiting Patras, Greece and want to explore the city’s history, you will want to spend time at the Castle of Patras. Make sure you carve out time so that you have ample time to explore the castle and the surrounding scenery.

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