Outdoor Sports to Enjoy in Kalavrita, Greece

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Kalavrita, Greece has no shortage of natural beauty. The lakes, rivers, and waterfalls are breathtaking. The caves, gorges, and forests are all worth exploring. Participating in outdoor sports is the best way to experience the beauty Kalavrita has to offer.

Go Rafting in Kalavrita

If you enjoy adventure and being out on the water, you will have a wonderful time rafting while in Kalavrita, Greece. Greece is a mountainous country with many river options from the north to the south. The Ladonas River in Kalavrita is 2.5 hours from Athens and a popular place to go rafting. The rafting routes are easy to medium difficulty, with some sections being greater in difficulty.

Since river rafting doesn’t require a high level of fitness or muscle strength, it is an outdoor sport that can be enjoyed by the family. Rafting will give you not only a thrill, but a unique way to admire the natural beauty of the area including the gorges and mountain slopes.

Hike Around Kalavrita

Hiking is an ideal way to explore Kalavrita, Greece at your own pace. It’s another outdoor activity that can be done with the entire family. One of the loveliest routes is the trail of Vouraikos Gorge. This hiking route begins at Zachlorou Village and leads up Diakofto. The route is 12 km. Hiking provides a great outdoor experience and makes for breathtaking photo opportunities.

Another route you will enjoy is the one that leads from Kertezi, which is located in the woods, home to wild chestnut trees, to the Church of the Virgin Mary of Zoodochos Pigi. This is a quick route of just 30 minutes. There is a more adventurous hiking route that begins at Lakkomata Village and ascents to Olenos, the highest peak of Erymanthos Mount. This is a route that is best suited to experienced hikers, but the view from the top will be well worth it.

Experience Horseback Riding in Kalavrita

The horse riding center in Kalavrita is located near the Kalavrita Ski Center. Horseback riding is a fun way to see areas of Kalavrita that you might not otherwise be exposed to. One of these includes the forest roads of Chelmos Mountain. As you ascent on your horse, you will experience beautiful views and peaceful quiet. Horseback riding is a good choice whether you are a beginner or experienced rider.

Enjoy Skiing in Kalavrita

The Ski Center of Kalavrita is the second largest ski center in Greece. It is located at the foothills of Chelmos Mountain and features 12 downhill ski slopes that have a total length of 20 kilometers. There are also 13 slaloms of varying categories. There are 8 ski lift at the ski center. The red and black runs of Styga, Eno, and Nefeli are good choices for those who like adventure. The Ski Center of Kalavrita is open from December until April.

Whatever type of adventure you’re looking for, at any level type, you will find it in Kalavrita, Greece.

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