Hike Mount Eros While Visiting Hydra

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Hydra is an enchanting little island, and the fact that there are no vehicles allowed only adds to the allure. Donkeys and horse-drawn carts wait by the port to assist people with their luggage. The island is filled with beautiful beaches, shopping, and plenty of ways to relax. There are plenty of walking opportunities, as well, and visitors consider the walk up Mount Eros to be the one thing you won’t want to miss doing during your stay here. Here’s more information:

How to Get to Hydra

Hydra is fairly easy to get to from Athens since the island isn’t far away from the port of Piraeus. If you are flying into Athens, you’ll need to take a bus or a taxi from the airport and board your boat from there. This is the best approach if you’re spending an extended amount of time here. However, there is another way to get yourself to Hydra. Since it is so close to Athens, it is actually possible to come here just for the day by taking one of the money boat tours that either hit several islands in the Saronic Gulf or will take you directly to Hydra and back. This means that it is possible to arrive on the island early and then have plenty of time to hike Mount Eros.

Staying Safe as a Hiker on Hydra

Hiking is listed as one of the top activities to do while on Hydra. The common advice is to make sure that you hike smart. The terrain is fairly easy to navigate, but it can be difficult at the same time, especially if you aren’t prepared. Hikers need to wear comfortable clothes, sturdy hiking sandals, sneakers, or hiking boots, and should be smart about the route they plan on taking as well on their own limits. Water is a particular issue. Because the climate is dry, your body needs more water than you think, and many people end up with at least mild signs of dehydration by the time the hike is over. This problem is easily solved by drinking enough water as you walk. It is also important to let someone know where you are going so that you can

Ins and Outs of Hiking Mount Eros

The hike to Mount Eros is actually part of a monastery walk. As you hike to the Profitis Ilias Monastery the path will eventually lead you to a place with a sign that says, Mt. Eros. If your goal is to climb this mountain, you should take this path. However, there are other ways to access this mountain, as well. Most hikers advise starting the hike from the Hydra center, and that you should expect it to take about four hours. It’s also a good idea to hike early in the day so that the heat isn’t intense as you walk.

Whether you’re staying on Hydra just for the day or you spend an extended amount of time here, hiking up Mount Eros to enjoy the exercise and the view is an activity you won’t want to miss.


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