Diving on the Greek Island of Amorgos

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Many consider the island of Amorgos to be one of the most beautiful islands in not only the world, but in Greece as a whole. The wild, rocky landscape meets the deep blue of the sea to form an unforgettable image of beauty. Visitors spend a considerable amount of time enjoying the natural beauty, such as sitting at one of its stunning beaches or hiking through the countryside. It is located  in the Southern Aegean Sea on the eastern edge of the Cyclades islands and is highly popular with island-hoppers, especially during peak tourist season. Here’s more information:

Getting to Amorgos

If you are traveling from Piraeus (the port of Athens), it is quite easy to find a ferry sailing to the island, and there are more options in the summer months than in the off-season. There are two ports of arrival on the island: Katapola on the south western side and Aegiali, to the north. Ferries for Katapola generally sail from Piraeus in every morning and afternoon. The high speed catamaran that takes you there is a car ferry and makes stops at the islands of Paros, Naxos and Koufonissi. If you are already in Paros or Naxos, you can easily get on the ferry there and continue on to Amorgos. You do need to take a ferry since there is no airport on the island, ut you can fly to a nearby island such as Mykonos to cut down on your time on the water.

Diving in Amorgos

The diving you can do in Amorgos is legendary. It was even featured in a movie, Big Blue. The water is crystal clear, which means that you can easily see what’s underneath. In fact, it is this amazing clarity of the Aegean waters allows for the best diving adventures anywhere. In order to begin diving, you can do so independently if you have the skills. However, it is much easier to get involved with one of the dive centers on the island. There, you can rent equipment, take a guided tour, and get some ideas as to the best places to dive.

What to See in the Waters

There are many great places to dive like Nikouria’s Cavern, Grambonissi, Deep Blue Wall or the Sparti Caves. You’ll see colorful sponges and coral as well as a huge variety of sea life like octopus, moray eels, sea Bass, barracuda, loggerhead turtles, spiral worms, tuna and dolphins. Close to Amorgos is also a famous shipwreck that you can view, that sunk in 1981. It is now an interesting  place to dive to explore the shipwreck and view the sea life that has taken up residence there.

Amorgos is a beautiful island that is certainly worth exploring above the surface. It is considered very beautiful, and no matter what you do during your stay, you’re sure to marvel at its beauty. However, it is also one of the top diving locations in Greece. You should definitely go on at least one diving excursion during your stay.

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