What to Do in Syvota, Greece

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Syvota is a small village village in Greece, but don’t let its size fool you. As one of the most popular tourist areas in Lefkada, there is a lot to do and see. The village is especially popular with yacht owners who can stop in the port, which provides a safe shelter. It’s a great place for anyone who loves the great outdoors. Day and night, Syvota has something special to offer visitors.

Go Shopping in Syvota, Greece

Though the village is small, there is a variety shopping to be found. As a tourist area you will find the expected gift shops where you can buy souvenirs as a reminder of your trip or as gifts for loved ones back home. There are ice cream parlours and bakeries when you’re in the mood for a sweet treat. You can even find clothing and beach wear shops in the village of Syvota. You can find jewelry and accessories in the shops as well.

Visit Bella Vraka Beach

The exotic beach of Bella Vraka is located at the islet of Mourtemeno, but it’s accessible by foot. To get there, you walk along a thin strip of sand that connects Syvota with the islet. Part of the sand strip is covered by water, but it is shallow, so you can carry your supplies across with you. Bella Vraka Beach is small and popular, so it can get crowded, but it’s definitely worth a visit. There is another small beach connected to Bella Vraka, which you can explore as well. You won’t forget your visit to this unique spot.

Go Hiking in Syvota

Hiking is a wonderful adventure in Syvota, Greece. It’s a great way to experience the landscape of the area. Syvota has been called the “Caribbean of Greece” for good reason. The greenery, the blue of the water, the gorge, mountain slope, and rivers create a tranquil experience.

Hiking trails in Syvota, Greece range from a few short miles to over 10 miles. Difficulty levels range from easy to advanced. This is a great way to see the natural beauty and the sites around Syvota that you might not otherwise see. During your hike you may come across a historic monastery, large river pools, and even the stone path that begins before the village of Kokkinolithari. Hiking around Syvota, Greece will surprise you around every turn.

Visit the Town of Igoumenitsa

Just 24 km (35 minutes) from Syvota, you can explore the town of Igoumenitsa, which was made the capital of Thesprotia in 1938. The town consists of many squares for you to stroll while you sip coffee. In the town of Igoumenitsa you will find a small castle, a walking and cycling path, the Archaeological Museum of Igoumenitsa, and the Museum of Culture and Tradition. There are spots in town where you can watch the beautiful sunset before heading back to Syvota.

Syvota, Greece might be a small town, but it has a lot to offer visitors. The natural beauty, the history, and the adventure come together to create an unforgettable experience.

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