Visit Drimona Waterfall on Evia

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Evia is the second largest Greek island. It is separated from the mainland of Greece by the Straight of Euripus. Evia, Greece is a natural beauty. The impressive mountains, the gorges, and breathtaking greenery are all worth visiting the island for. Another sight of beauty that must be seen when in Evia is one of the most beautiful waterfalls. Here’s what you should know about Drimona Waterfall in Evia, Greece.

About Drimona Waterfall

Located in northern Evia, Drimona Waterfall are 4 km from the Monastery of St. David. The waterfall is at an altitude of 620 meters and surrounded by the beautiful nature that includes a thick oak forest. There is a forest ranger’s office close to the waterfall that has been created out of respect for the surroundings. The wooden kiosk showcases some of the local plants and fossils that have been found in the area. Other construction done in the area, such as bridges are made with natural materials, which include tree trunks. Supports and bridges around the waterfalls allow for exploration and enjoyment of Drimona Waterfalls.

Visit Drimona Waterfall

The area of Drimona Waterfall is clean, tranquil, and green. It’s the perfect destination for anyone who loves nature. There are hiking trails in the area. The walk to Drimona Waterfall from the parking lot is short, just 100 meters. From the parking lot there is a path that will lead you to the top of the mountain. This walk takes just an hour an a half and you will be rewarded with endless beauty along the way. Drimona Waterfall is surrounded by rocks, pathways, and plants. Some of the plants are rare, so you’ll want to take some time to admire them.

When in the area visiting Drimona Waterfall, you can also visit the Monastery of St. David. The monastery is located in the heart of Rovies at the foot of Kavalaris Mountain and Xiron Oros Mountain. From the monastery, you can look out at the village of Drimona. The monastery is dedicated to Saint David and the Metamorphosis of the Saviour. The monastery of St. David was built in 1500 and in 1550 it was added onto. The monastery was burnt down during the Greek Revolution and rebuilt in 1877.

Getting to Drimona Waterfall

You can get to Evia from Athens by ferry, bus, or car. The most convenient and quickest way to get to the island is by car. This way you can also stop along the way and explore at your own pace. Thanks two the two bridges that connect the mainland to the island of Evia, you have options for traveling to and from. Once in Evia, Drimona Waterfall can be found in the northern area. You can get there by following the road the begins at Rovies. Drimona Waterfall is 4 km past the Monastery of St. David.

Take in the beauty of Drimona Waterfall on the Greek island of Evia. This is a great place to get a sense of the beauty of the island.

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