Explore The Amazing Waters Off The Coast Of Ios Greece

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Ios-330x202When you’re researching which of the Greek islands are the best to visit as a tourist, I’m sure you will hear all about islands like Crete, Santorini and Rhodes. But one of the most underrated Greek islands is Ios.

The beaches in Ios are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which draw large crowds of young tourists every single year. The two most popular beaches here in Ios are Mylopotas Beach and Manganari Beach. Which one is more amazing? Flip a coin and there is your answer. Located relatively close to the main village, Mylopotas Beach is the most frequented beach on the island of Ios. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas here, but most people don’t spend too much time lying around, as there are plenty of water sports that you can partake in at Mylopotas Beach. There are also plenty of bars and restaurants within walking distance of the beach, but the party never stops at Far Out Club. This bar, right on the beach, is where you will find the best beach party in Ios. Oh, and the sunbeds at Far Out Club are free!

Manganari Beach may not be the most visited beach in Ios, but it certainly is on par with Mylopotas Beach in terms of quality, cleanliness and crystal clear water. Although it is just as nice as Mylopotas Beach, it is not nearly as crowded due to its remote location. Because the beach is so secluded, it will take some time to travel there, but there are plenty of busses that shuttle back and forth to Manganari Beach for you to use. The major difference between the two beaches is that Mylopotas Beach is one large beach, whereas Manganari Beach is a series of sandy coves that make up a handful of small beaches. The bay area is protected from any strong winds, which makes the water very calm, and ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The water is so clear that it looks like you’re swimming in a giant swimming pool. Beyond being incredibly clear, the water is also so warm that you’ll never want to get out!

For me, snorkeling isn’t enough. It’s one thing to see what’s under the water from atop the surface, but it’s a completely different (and amazing) experience to get down there and check it out up close and personal. Whether you have been diving before — or even if it is your first time ever — you won’t regret looking up Meltemi Dive Centre when you are in Ios. First, you will need to complete their course in order to earn an open water qualification. During the course, you will learn everything you need to know to ensure that you will complete a safe, successful and exciting diving experience. The equipment that you will use at Meltemi Dive Centre is state of the art, and the training you will receive is the most proficient on the island of Ios. Once the school has deemed that you have comprehended all of the proper training, you will be able to partake in dives that range from shipwrecks to reefs, and other carefully chosen locations to guarantee that any diver will have excellent visibility, while exploring the depths of the sea.

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