Be Sure to Hike While on Sifnos Island

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At first glance, the Greek island of Sifnos might look like any other. The villages, beaches, and gorgeous weather can all be found elsewhere in Greece. Yet, when you look past all its commonalities, you will see that Sifnos stands apart. It has a dream-like quality and the island is especially known for its gorgeous scenery. As a result, this is considered one of those islands that is ideal for hikers. Sure, you could sit at the beaches, eat some great food, and visit the other sites. However, you should at least do one hike while you’re here. Here’s more information:

Getting to Sifnos Island

Before you can begin hiking on Sifnos island, you need to first make your way here. Whether you plan to make Sifnos your only stop in Greece of if you will also visit other places, you will have some options. However, your options will be limited due to the fact that there is no airport. Since you are restricted to ferry travel, you will want to look at the schedule before you head out. There are daily ferries leaving from Piraeus and you can always take a ferry from a nearby island. If you want to minimize your time on the ferry, consider taking a flight from Athens to the regional airport on the nearby island of Milos. From there, you can take a ferry from the mai port at Milos to Sifnos.

Hiking on Sifnos Island

Many people who have visited the island agree that the island is especially suited for those who want to get in some hiking. There are multiple trails all over the island that all feature a different aspect of the island. For example, some trails are by the coast and others are further inland. You can also hike from one village to another. Here’s a look at some of the hikes you can try:

  • Panagia Platanissa t0 Kalambelas – A short hike that hugs the coastline and offers some great views and photo opportunities.
  • Kastro to Chryssopygi Church – This trail is on the longer side at almost six kilometers. There is also some great scenery here and you’ll get to explore the church and a citadel.
  • Artemonos to Agios Symeon – This trail is also six kilometers and also has some great views. It isn’t a loop so once you’re finished you’ll either need to take transportation back to your car or hotel or turn around and do the hike again.

Besides the larger trails that people know about, there are some local, well maintained trails that are worth exploring. Ask for more information at your hotel for hikes that are nearby. You should be able to find at least one that suits your fitness level and that also lets you see some of the sites that you’re interested in, such as the coast or a citadel.

Sifnos is definitely an island that is ideal for hikers since there are so many trails to explore. You can spend a lot of time here doing nothing but hiking if that’s what you want!

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