Visit the Town of Kalavryta in Mainland Greece

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When most people think of Greece, they often picture having a relaxing beach vacation or visiting one of the many classical historical sites that the country has to offer. They don’t always picture themselves engaging in activities such as skiing or enjoying the fresh mountain air. However, places like this do exist in Greece and they are a welcome change to the typical sites to see while in the country. Here’s an overview of Kalalvryta, a serene mountain town in Greece that is definitely worth a visit:

Getting to Kalavryta

Before you can enjoy the sites on Kalavryta, you need to first make your way there. Located on Greece’s mainland in a mountainous area of the Peloponnese, Kalavryta may seem isolated but it is remarkably easy to get to. For example, it is about a 2.5 hour drive from the Athens Airport, and it is also accessibly by bus. You can either rent a car, hire a taxi, or take a bus from anywhere in Greece. It is situated about an hour and a half away from Corinth, and it should take you about one hour to drive from Athens to Corinth. You could easily make a stop in Kalavryta while you’re already on the Peloponnese. Once you arrive in the village, you can easily find your hotel. Although it is small here, the area hotels do book up during the busy season so it is a good idea to secure your lodging in advance.

What to Do in Kalavryta

Kalavryta is a popular vacation spot for people who live in Greece and other tourists. This is one of the major ski resorts in the country and as a result of that, it tends to be popular all year. Those who visit in the warmer months come to enjoy the fresh mountain air and to experience quiet village life. Those who find their way here in the winter are interested in the skiing. Here’s a look at some of the other things you can do while here:

  • Mega Spileo Monastery. This monastery dates to the 4th Century A.D. and is located in a nearby village. It is definitely worth a visit during your stay.
  • Holocaust Monument. Many people don’t realize this, but Kalavryta was home to a large population of Greek Jews. During the Nazi Occupation in Kalavryta during World War II, over 1000 of them lost their lives. This monument was erected in memory of them.
  • Monastery of Agia Lavra. This is another nearby monastery that is worth a visit. This holds an important place in Greek history because this is where the Greek War for Independence was officially declared in 1821.
  • Outdoor Activities. Spending time in nature is a main draw for Kalavryta and the surrounding area. In the warm months, people enjoy hiking. In the winter, this is also a popular ski resort.

Kalavryta is a beautiful mountain town in the Peloponnese that is definitely worth a visit while in Greece. It is possible to visit here as part of a larger trip to the Peloponnese and is close to other places, such as Corinth.

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