Visit Kolymbia Beach on Rhodes Greek Island

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Rhodes has a unique history, but there are also some great beaches, too. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Kolymbia Beach on the Greek Island of Rhodes is a beautiful place to visit when traveling to Greece. Vacationers can choose to lounge on the beach in the sun or choose to take part in one of the many activities that are associated with a coastal town. The sea itself at this location is calm and perfect for swim. In fact, it is one of the prettiest beaches on the island of Rhodes! Here’s more information:

Getting to Kolymbia Beach

Prior to getting to Kolymbia Beach, you must make you way to Rhodes. Travelers can choose from a variety of options to get to the island. The quickest route will be to take a flight from Athens, as daily flights are offered to the island. Another option is to take a ferry from Athens, however this will require almost a full day of travel and is not offered daily. Once at the island, buses and taxis are always available options to travel to Kolymbia Beach. If you know you want to spend a lot of time at this beach, you should consider staying in a nearby hotel so you can have plenty of time to enjoy it.

About Kolymbia Beach

Kolymbia Beach is a pleasant mix of fine sand and pebbles. It may be advantageous to bring a pair of sand shoes for walking across the pebbles. The sea itself is calm and pleasant for swimming. With clear waters, snorkeling in the sea is always an option. The beach is sheltered and quieter than other beaches on the island. The beach is along the mountains and stunning vistas surround Kolymbia, making it a great spot for photographers. The beach is family friendly, and all age groups can enjoy Kolymbia Beach. Shops and restaurants are all within a few minutes walk of the beach.

What to Do at Kolymbia Beach

There are numerous things to do at and around Kolymbia Beach. The most obvious is spending the day on the beach, swimming and enjoying the sunshine. Sunbeds do require a small fee, so if feasible travelers could bring their own seating to avoid the cost, however it is a minimal cost. Nearby, there is the Artistic Village Contemporary Art Gallery & Museum of Ceramic Art where hand made and beautiful pieces of art can be seen and purchased. For water based activities, different companies offer parasailing, paragliding, and boat tours. On the island, there are also historical sites and museums such as the Tsambika Byzantine Museum and the Monastery Tsambika.

When looking to visit a quiet beach with plenty of activities and options, Kolymbia Beach is worth a visit. With stunning vistas and relaxed atmosphere, Kolymbia Beach draws visitors from around the world. Whether looking for a low-key day at the beach or a day of water sports, Kolymbia Beach offers something for everyone.

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