Visit Kanoni and Mouse Island on Corfu

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The island of Corfu has enchanted visitors and locals alike for centuries. In fact, this island was mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey because it was the island where the hero, Odysseus, was shipwrecked. It is a stunning island filled with many things to explore. With so much to see and do, planning a trip can be overwhelming. However, no trip to the Greek island of Corfu is complete without a visit to Kanoni and Mouse Island. Here’s more information:

Kanoni is Located in Corfu Town

Kanoni is a large section of Corfu Town named after the cannons at the entrance of the lagoon, from a more dangerous time when the area needed protection. Although Kanoni’s coastline is composed of rugged stone and pebble beaches instead of sand, the area offers beautiful views from the cafeterias on the cliffs. The lush vegetation in this area puts visitors in mind of the tropics. There is also a small sandy beach beside the pier, but you’ll have to get your feet wet in order to use it. This beach gets popular with locals during the summer, but is an ideal place for swimming and tanning near the sea. A temple to Athena is located nearby.

Mouse Island is a Quick Trip from Kanoni

Nearby Mouse Island, referred to as Pontikonisi to the locals, is only a five-minute boat ride away and is absolutely worth a visit while spending time in Corfu Town. This tiny island is said to be the remains of Odysseus’s ship after Poseidon turned it to stone. One of the beaches on the island offers the opportunity to lay down and watch the planes fly directly overhead. The beach also offers a breathtaking view of Kanoni across the water. The island also has a Byzantine chapel of Pantokrator and may have served as the inspiration for the famous painting Isle of the Dead.

Visit the Boat Shelter While on Mouse Island

One of the most recognizable landmarks of the area is the boat shelter, where you can take a water taxi to Pontikonisi or buy fresh seafood from the fishermen who return with the day’s catch. It’s quite simple for cars to drive up to the shelter, so it’s an ideal place for the casual sailor to land and have coffee before starting the day. The gorgeous views over Vlacherna monastery, said to be a copy of a similar building in Istanbul, are part of the appeal of the coffee shops in the area. These cafes and terraces also offer stunning views over the runway, where you can watch the planes take off and land.

This part of Corfu Town is alive with nightlife and other activities for those who have already enjoyed the delights of Mouse Island and the beaches, who are looking for something different to pass the time. You may need to travel a little further inland for larger clubs and other activities, but for the visitor who enjoys the beauty of the Greek seascape and the intriguing history of the area, Kanoni is one of the best places to stay in the entire region, and while here, you should absolutely visit Mouse Island.

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